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TechnikNews does not stand for paid news and test reports, but for transparency. We want you to know.

We buy some of our test devices ourselves - others are made available to us for a certain period of time. Of course, you prefer devices that have been made available to you. no That's just not the case with us. In our tests, none Proproducts preferred – the opinion of a tested ProThe product cannot be influenced by companies.

But a distinction should be made between the following: there are “normal” test reports and paid test reports. For paid test reports, we receive a certain amount of remuneration so that we can test the respective device. Even if the item has been paid for, it ultimately counts discord our opinion. In addition, these are specially marked. We will never be one Prowhitewash a product for payment, badmouth competitors or distort opinions. That is exactly what sets us apart. Our transparency towards you.