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TechnikNews is a medium that reaches technology enthusiasts from all over the DACH region and now also in the international arena. Do you want to reach a young audience with high purchasing power? We offer you individual and optimal advertising formats.

Achieved annually TechnikNews more than 1,4 million impressions - and counting - on the web, RSS feeds, news readers, on social media and through mentions in well-known international media. Through our editorial team (more about our team) from two countries – Germany and Austria TechnikNews almost the entire DACH area at the same time and reports on events, trade fairs, new launches and news - also on site.

The average age in the TechnikNews Editing is 19 years - TechnikNews achieved through reporting, which is tailored to youth / Generation Z and easy to grasp, a target group as young and broad as almost no other medium.

May we introduce our target group

  • between 18 and 45 years old (75% male)
  • from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA
  • English reporting reaches technology fans throughout Europe and America, plus parts of Africa and Asia
  • Spends an above-average amount of money on technology
  • informs himself about events from the world of technology and informs himself in detail in test reports before buying

Our main target group is between 18 and 35 years old, spends an above-average amount of money on technology and comes mainly from Germany. Austria follows closely in second place, followed by Switzerland and fourth place is the United States. Through our multilingual reporting (TechnikNews EN) we reach technology fans from all over Europe, America and parts of Africa and Asia. She follows the innovations from the world of technology and, before making a purchase, obtains detailed information from test reports, which she spends an average of three to five minutes reading. Of a Propositively convinced of the product, we also achieve a high conversion rate by embedding purchase links and price comparisons in test reports and news articles.

Mentions in media and publications

Our reporting has already attracted attention in national and international media and publications. An excerpt from it - some of the media listed below have reported several times:

Reach our target group!

  • Your contact person: David Wurm (email: david.wurm

Have we aroused your interest, would you like more information about our visitor numbers or an offer? Your contact person will be happy to provide you with further information. You can find further contact details in our Imprint. Please note that we have our Transparency guidelines Strictly adhere to our readers and therefore reject pure promotional items without labeling or an embellished test report against payment without exception.