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TechnikNews is a medium that reaches technology enthusiasts from all over the DACH region and now also in the international arena. Do you want to reach a young audience with high purchasing power? We offer you individual and optimal advertising formats.

Achieved annually TechnikNews more than 1,4 million impressions - and counting - on the web, RSS feeds, news readers, on social media and through mentions in well-known international media. Through our editorial team (more about our team) from two countries – Germany and Austria TechnikNews almost the entire DACH area at the same time and reports on events, trade fairs, new launches and news - also on site.

The average age in the TechnikNews Editing is 21 years - TechnikNews achieved through reporting, which is tailored to youth / Generation Z and easy to grasp, a target group as young and broad as almost no other medium.

From old to new: Our page to advertise on TechnikNews has been revised. Here is the new page.

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