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Welcome to the careers page of TechnikNews. We are young, motivated and full of passion. Does this also apply to you? Then you could be a good fit for us. Stay tuned.

"Career" - the word sounds a lot like a big company with a lot of legal stuff like an employment contract and other things, doesn't it? But we are not like that. TechnikNews is as a one-personProjekt started in February 2015 and now has numerous helpers who keep the blog running here. So - are you young and digitally native? Being tied down and having a lot of obligations doesn't appeal to you that much either? we understand. With this in mind, we have TechnikNews .

What you TechnikNews of advantages

Unlike many other blogs and magazines, we are not a company but a Hobbyproject.

tl; dr

... in journalistic language, by the way, means "Too long, didn't read". Even if we have a lot to tell in the following paragraphs, would you rather read the advantages in a nutshell? No Proproblem, we summarize the most important points why you should apply to us:

  • Uncomplicated: with us there are no contracts, obligations and legal paperwork
  • Stress-free: no scary job interviews and colleagues who are always in a good mood
  • Advantageous: TechnikNews is your stepping stone into the future - live out your personal technical talent TechnikNews
  • Free of charge: we pay for the infrastructure, we offer you a large audience, we do not charge any costs or fees
  • Interesting: visit technology and gaming fairs such as CES, IFA and Gamescom, technologyProtest products before everyone else and more
  • Improves your karma: You can allow yourself to make mistakes or make nonsense, even with us. With us you will make up for it quickly - according to independently conducted studies TechnikNews Increase your karma by 100% annually.

Sounds too good to be true. True, we wouldn't already be at TechnikNews we wouldn't have believed it either. Feel free to chat with ours Team members on our Discord, write them an email (you can find our contact details on our Team page) or chirp it up Social Media

wieso TechnikNews is different compared to others

That means: with us there are no contracts, no scary job interviews, no strict bosses and no obligation to be active. So you don't have to spend at least a certain number of hours on the blog pro Invest a week in order not to be kicked out of the team. We are mostly students ourselves in the team (by the way, this is our team) and know how stressful school can be and there are phases where teachers completely cover you with homework. Or you also have a job that is demanding. Sure, of course everyone has to stick to certain processes and should show certain activity so that everything continues to go well, but otherwise everyone can fully live out their love of technology.

Since we are not bound by any legal issues, it is also much easier for us to bring new people on board. Even if you go to school or work on the side, are only 14 years old or have other hobbies on the side - that's not the case with us at all Prostated problems.

TechnikNews as your stepping stone into the future

But why do you just take on new people in your team? Good question - on the one hand, around as TechnikNews from your knowledge profit, on the other hand to be a springboard into the future. Do you like to write articles? proare you passionate about gramming apps or see yourself as a coder or web developer, have a love for detail when creating graphics in Photoshop or like to speak in front of a large audience? Each of us has our own passion. Most of the time, however, such talents are not heard at school or at work and are not encouraged - we ourselves know how frustrating it can be not to be able to live out one's enthusiasm. We want to change that. We bring you with your technical talent into the team and give you the platform and audience that you need.

We take over the server costs, operate the infrastructure free of charge, do not ask you for "membership fees" and support you in living out your talent. Live your hobby with us, we support you. With our team, which has a wide range of knowledge, you can learn stress-free what you will need in your professional life, at school or at university. And we know ourselves how much it can be of professional advantage in the future to be a member of TechnikNews to have it on his résumé - easy at the job interview TechnikNews mention and you've already said everything 😉

Goodies, goodies, goodies

That was not all from above. As a team member, you not only get access to our control center, where you can publish your own content, but you also have other advantages. For example, you can visit technology or gaming trade fairs with us (yes, we're talking about CES, IFA, Gamescom and more) - we provide you with the press accreditations you need and take care of the complicated stuff for you. You can even hang out with the big guys in the press lounge.

Test a new smartphone before others have it? Check. Got a laptop sent home for a few weeks as part of a review? Check. Anything else you want? We are networked with numerous big players in the technology world and know the big companies. If you now think of a major smartphone brand, television manufacturer, or gaming company - very likely that we've already chatted with them.

Of course we have other team advantages like cool ones TechnikNews Merch, interesting glimpses behind the scenes of the scene and a cool team atmosphere. The best: you even get your own email address and can host a Minecraft server on our servers. This is flex.

What talents we are looking for

We have already clarified above why you should apply to us. Now we come to the preserves - what talents are we actually looking for? To put it simply: all talents who have something to do with technology and who fit in well with us. If you are not sure whether you fit into our team, write to us rather than miss the chance. Here are a few suggestions as to which team members we are looking for.


The most important part, nothing works without it: our editorial team. She has her finger on the pulse, knows about all innovations from the world of technology, tests the latest technology and provides our readers with nutritious content. Your articles land on numerous news platforms around the world, are shared by companies in test reports and are discussed on social media. The best way to reach a large audience.

What you should be able to do

  • Activity on TechnikNews
  • Interest in technology
  • Follow the current technology events
  • Proficiency in German spelling and grammar
  • Good writing skills and expression
  • team Player

Do you sometimes find it difficult to write? Apply anyway. Our editors look over your shoulders and support you in writing your articles.


They eliminate all mistakes and have a keen eye. At school, the hated spelling nerds and first-row sitters in Germanprofs, with us the heroes: the editors. Nobody likes articles with mistakes, even with a lot of effort they can happen. Our editors cross-read long reviews before publication and fix bugs where necessary. Rumor has it that they are not as strict as everyone claims, but rather friendly and helpful. Is it actually advent calendar or advent calendar? Even if it is January or January, they themselves do not quite agree. Maybe you can help them.

What you should be able to do

  • Activity on TechnikNews
  • Keen eye
  • Basic technical knowledge for correcting technical articles
  • Very good knowledge of spelling and grammar
  • team Player

Community manager

Our community managers are always with people. If you want to visit them at home, they are never there, but at the next regulars' table. They are creative, organize great events (Q & A's, talks, themed rounds) for our community and are the link between our team and the TechnikNews'learn. Don't worry, one TechnikNews They don't have to plan the festival yet - so it would be cool, but we'll start small, in a few years. They provide our Discord and Telegram community with fodder, stimulate discussions and always stay up to date. They pick up on current trends in the community and work hand in hand with our editorial and social media teams. If things get too heated somewhere, then they are our mediators, swing the ban hammer in case of doubt and make everyone happy again.

What you should be able to do

  • Activity on TechnikNews
  • Always happy to talk to others
  • Communicative
  • Good spelling and grammar skills
  • Good deal with Discord, Telegram
  • team Player


Those who are always said to be sitting in the basement and programmer all day. They defeat all exceptions and leave nothing to be desired, uh, brackets: our developers. Whether Java (Script), PHP or others Proprogramming languages - they proprogram our apps, code annoying bots for our Slack channels or take care of the further development of our infrastructure and systems. Whether coder in the literal sense or more in the direction of infrastructure or server admin, we can use all helpers.

What you should be able to do

  • Activity on TechnikNews
  • Interest in technology
  • Good knowledge and references in some of the following Proprogramming languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP
  • Knowledge of apps, CMS, servers should be available (preferably with references)
  • team Player


They hate ugly, scribbled paint designs, work to the millimeter and have an eye for detail: graphic artists. Without them the world would look very boring. Appealing banners and graphics are her thing. They represent our "Brand Identity" and are involved in the developmentprozess fully involved with our developers.

What you should be able to do

  • Activity on TechnikNews
  • Interest in technology
  • Good knowledge and references in web development, Photoshop, CSS
  • team Player


Speaking in front of a large audience doesn't make them nervous, they haven't recorded tapes for a long time, they have a lot to tell and every radio would like to invite them straight away: our podcasters. With the year 2021 there is TechnikNews now also on the ears - in our TechniqueCast, she proproduce the weekly podcast episodes independently, are able to express themselves well and enjoy telling the technique to others.

What you should be able to do

  • Activity on TechnikNews
  • Interest in technology
  • Good expression
  • Glad to see: knowledge of cuttingprogram
  • team Player

Not yet the star in the podcast sky? You don't need that either. Together we will take the first steps in learning how to cutprogram and Proproducing podcasts.

Video creator

No camera wobbles, they hold the technology in front of the lens, are good at talking and well-prepared scripts are their thing: our video creators. Recently there has been TechnikNews can also be seen in video form. That's why we're on the lookout for talent in this field.

What you should be able to do

  • Activity on TechnikNews
  • Interest in technology
  • Good expression
  • Glad to see: knowledge of cuttingprogram, YouTube
  • team Player

That is something for you?

We haven't scared you off yet and you're still here? we thought. Congratulations - only the brave scroll this far. But we would be just as excited to read this far. As cool as we write, yes, we really are that cool boys and girls.

If you find our jobs as irresistible as we do, take the chance now to send us your application (no, not something boring like Ladies and gentlemen, …) to send. Even if you don't fit into any of the above positions, you most likely do and we can use your talent. Write to us and ask instead of missing the chance.

You have two options for applying to us. Actually three. Send us an email, a carrier pigeon or fill out our application form. On your marks…

Let's start!

Easy & fast: Application via form

When you're in a hurry and don't have time for emails or carrier pigeons.

Oldschool & formal: apply by email

It's your turn, drop us your best lines (are slang words like that actually in?) – you shouldn't forget that:

The important things first

  • Please send your application to David Haydl

Perhaps it is bribable. So be nice to him.

  • Write to the following email address: karriere @techniknews. Net

You'd rather send carrier pigeons, right? Also no Problem, send them off! You can find address details here .

In your mail

  • Tell us something about yourself!

It is difficult to tell about yourself, we are just as uncreative as you are. Let someone else describe you, they are sure to be very honest ...

  • Why do you fit into our team?

Even if we already know the answer, we are extremely curious and still want to know.

Last but not least

  • Show us your references (Schoolproprojects Projects from work, hobbyproprojects).

Don't you have anything great? You have nothing to lose, take your first steps with us!

  • Write something interesting

How will the weather be tomorrow (bad), better: What is your favorite smartphone? Which technology gadget would you use TechnikNews test first? On which version should your from TechnikNews running hosted minecraft server?

We'll get in touch!

We'll definitely write back to you, even if we can't imagine working together. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us via Discord, social media or email.