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Cloud gaming: the competition with expensive gaming PCs?

We probably all already know that streaming videos, films and music on PC, TV or tablet of videos, films and music with Netflix, YouTube and Co. is no longer uncommon. Now, however, a new form of streaming should soon be established.

Everything should be more compact. This goal is not only pursued with desktop computers, but also with smartphones and laptops. But the graphics cards are getting bigger and bigger and therefore need more space. An alternative has to be found. Is this really cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming: is that the future?

GeForce Now and GRID from NVIDIA and Shadow soon make it possible to even stream games. They want to make it possible to play demanding games on cheaper devices, for which the portable devices would otherwise simply be too weak.

The concept of cloud gaming is a real paradise for many gamers. But why? Compared to traditional games, cloud gaming offers some interesting advantages:

  • You don't need any special equipment or equipment
  • No new hardware is required
  • You have much less loading times than on your own computer (connection)
  • Since you can save all your game statuses in the cloud, you can continue to play them as you wish.
  • Cloud gaming offers good quality and you don't have to download any game patches or other content onto your computer.

This of course makes it very clear for young people and interested gamers. There are already rumors that Google will be working on a cloud gaming service under the code name “Yeti”. How this will be implemented, however, is still in the stars.

The cloud services would definitely become more attractive with the games included in the subscription - but there is one major disadvantage: Without a fast Internet connection, the fun of virtual gaming unfortunately falls by the wayside.

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