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Column: How I Use Todoist

Image: Todoist
(Post picture: © 2018 Todoist)

David Haydl

This is what the author says:

I hope this article has given some people an idea on how to get started with Todoist. My tip now is that you don't just orientate yourself on my setup, it is much better if you take inspiration from several people and then develop your own system for your own purposes.

Recently mine appeared Test report on the popular task manager Todoist. Today I want to explain how I personally use the service. For this I will show, among other things, according to which scheme I mean Proprojects I have created and which filters I use.

I use Todoist on these platforms

I use Todoist on all platforms that I use every day. On the one hand, we have my Moto G4 Plus, on which I use the Android app and the Quick Tile in the notification center, which can be activated for quick entries from Android Nougat. Then I still have my Zenbook UX530UX from Asus, on which I use the Windows app, the web app in Chrome and the extension for the browser mentioned above. I'm not that enthusiastic about the Windows app because there are often bugs, errors in synchronization and fewer features. That's why I've used the latter options on my Zenbook for the most part to access Todoist.

My homepage

For those who don't know: In Todoist, you can choose where to land when you start the service. You can do that in the settings and under the item General change. I have currently set myself up so that every time I see the list of all tasks for the next seven days. For a short time it was mine Dashboard Filter at this point, but that changed quickly. I will explain later how I use my filters. Perhaps it is also worth mentioning that I currently have the graphite Use design, which you can easily change under Settings and Topics.

When I open Todoist, I see all the tasks for the next seven days (screenshot: TechnikNews, 2018)

I create my entries according to this pattern

You have probably already seen in the screenshots of my test report that I format all my tasks in a special way. Most of the time, at the beginning of each entry, you see a certain keyword in bold type with a colon after it. Bold writing is obtained by placing two exclamation marks directly to the right and left of one or more words. This keyword is usually the name of the associated one Proproject or the designation of an attached label. For school things, I usually use the name of the subject in question at this point. After this catchphrase comes the actual task, after that there will be more Proproject, labels, a date and possibly a priority level as well.

I format my entries according to this pattern (screenshot: TechnikNews)


The inbox is like a neutral Proproject in Todoist. You can easily record tasks in it without much effort in order to give them a "home" later. For me it turned out that this feature is particularly suitable for during lessons at school. This makes it possible for me to quickly save things with my cell phone or laptop, so that I can then come to the lesson Proproject, a due date, and labels.

Ways to organize your tasks in Todoist

There are three major ways to sort your tasks in Todoist: Proprojects, labels and filters. In the following part I want to go into more detail on how I use these three options for myself.


A list of mine Proprojects (screenshot: TechnikNews, 2018)

An ProI orientate myself the most when I want to find a specific task quickly. The four mainproProjects represent the major areas of my life: school, private tasks, things for TechnikNews and a private sideproproject. I'm partly under youproassigned to projects, such as with JHG1 (school) the subproject Get-to-know days. In almost everyone ProI have inserted headers in the project to include as many subproto avoid projects. Headers are created by putting a colon at the end of a new task.

My Project JHG1 for school matters is divided by subject-specific headers. At the top of the list are three more subdivisions for general things in my school life. At the end of all Projects there is another subdivision with the name WITHOUT ASSIGNMENT. All new tasks are automatically added there so that I can then assign them to the appropriate section.

After that comes my folder for things related to TechnikNews. I have divided this again with headings. As subproI have projects Article ideas and Review. The first subproI believe that jekt is self-explanatory, the second will contain news from the world of technology for a week, which I could write about if I find the time. Hofer Doors Homepage is a private sideproject of mine where tasks (or tasks) related to it go in.

Next comes mine Project for all private things. I have also subdivided this again with headers, so that I can better sort the tasks within. There are three subs to this folderproprojects The first is my reading list, which always has three or four books I might read next. You can also find the book I'm currently working on there. After that Routines, where I write down all of my routines for a week, like planning the next week every Saturday. In irgendwann Mainly things come in that I could do when I have a little free time, but are not particularly important.

With headers, my Proprojects (screenshot: TechnikNews, 2018)

To all ProI have added suitable emojis to the project names.


I use labels to categorize my tasks more precisely. At the top of the list you will find my labels, which indicate how much time I want to devote to a certain task. They all got the light green color. Then there are three labels in dark green color that do all of the tasks for TechnikNews determine more precisely. This is followed by labels that I use to mark all the things that need to be done at school. Then there are four general labels with the color purple. The last two labels always show me what exactly I need to do a certain task. Here, too, each label has a matching emoji.

I use these labels (screenshot: TechnikNews, 2018)


I use filters by far the least. This may be due to the fact that I don't have that many tasks yet, so I have them in mine Procan't find jects on the spot. The top three filters are general filters, below Dashboard, Important and grocery list. Dashboard gives me an overview of the most important tasks that are due today. Important shows me all tasks that are due today and that have received a priority flag and are in grocery list I see all the things that I still have to buy today. Then there are four filters for school-specific tasks. In the first two I see which homework I still have to do today and tomorrow, the other two show me which subjects I still have to learn today or tomorrow.

A detailed overview with all my filters (assembly: TechnikNews, 2018)

The next two filters are both related to TechnikNews. They show me which things I still have to do today or tomorrow. Finally, I have five standard filters from Todoist in which I can find tasks with no due date or a specific priority flag.

Priority flags

Many people use the priority flags according to a certain scheme, for me it is currently more a matter of feeling than a system. If I know that a task is particularly important, it gets priority 1, the highest priority in the Todoist world. General tasks do not receive a flag, which means that they are automatically recognized as priority 4. Priority two and three are currently assigned to me based on feeling, maybe that will change over time.


In terms of integrations, I currently use the one for the Google Calendar and the one for our team messenger Slack.

The integration for the Google Calendar enables a two-way synchronization. This means that all tasks that I add in Todoist can be seen immediately in my calendar and all appointments that I add with the calendar T can be seen immediately in my Todoist list. This enables me to plan my week easily, as I can easily organize tasks and appointments in one place so that I have enough time for everything. Of course, a native calendar function in Todoist would be more practical here.

The integration for Slack allows me to quickly add tasks to my inbox. However, I hardly needed that yet.

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General note on "Column"

This article is an author's column. This does not have to be the opinion of TechnikNews represent and reflect. The article may contain the personal opinion of the respective author - thus, unlike news, this article may not be objective. Nevertheless researched to the best of our knowledge. May contain links to partner sites.

David Haydl

David lives in Graz and has been there for around half a decade TechnikNews, also editor-in-chief for some time. He regularly provides the site with news, test reports and the like TechnikNews Weekly, which was his idea to launch. He likes to spend his free time outdoors, listening to a lot of music (and clearly too loud) and some podcasts on all kinds of topics, and also likes to go running. He enjoys the time that remains with his charming girlfriend or in front of the TV.

David has already written 1228 articles and left 116 comments.

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David Haydl

This is what the author says:

I hope this article has given some people an idea on how to get started with Todoist. My tip now is that you don't just orientate yourself on my setup, it is much better if you take inspiration from several people and then develop your own system for your own purposes.

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Great insight. I also use Todoist on a daily basis. Would appreciate a continuation of this article as you use it today.

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