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Goals and challenges of mobile eSports - is it ready for the stadium?

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ESport grows and grows. With the steadily increasing number of viewers and high prize money, an increasingly serious image of the sport is conveyed. It marches to new heights, seemingly impossible to catch, and thus inspires the masses. In the recent past, mobile eSports in particular have come into focus. What are the goals and challenges of mobile eSports? Can he already venture onto the big stage?

From big PC games to smartphone battles?

Mobile eSport sounds a bit crazy at first glance. This is due to various reasons. Why in the world should you watch two, four or more players duel in smartphone games? And are mobile games even able to keep up technically with League of Legends, Counter Strike and Co.? The market leader LoL can also set millions of fans around the world. Around 43 million people attended the 2016 World Cup via online stream, which came to the enthusiastic spectators in the hall itself.

Do these certain “smartphone battles” really already exist? (Image:

Sponsors such as Mercedes-Benz and Betway are actively involved in these games. In Germany, too, Cologne in particular offers an extremely popular destination for eSport fans with the ESL One tournament. But again it is not a mobile game, but a traditional tournament played on the PC. However, mobile gaming is growing increasingly short of the total expected global sales of US $ 1,5 billion in 2020.

What makes gambling so attractive?

But what is the reason for the so far little attention as a competitive game on a big stage? On the one hand there is the control of the games a really demanding application via touchscreen is virtually impossible power. How should you react quickly while you are already turning and proceeding to the next act? An impossibility without additional equipment. In addition, there are so many characters in a team-based esports game that it can easily become confusing on the go. It is precisely these characters who enjoy such a level of balance in the well-known eSport games that the maximum possible equality of opportunity is guaranteed. This situation is usually not found on the smartphone. They are usually geared towards the player who needs a little distraction or wants to have fun during their breaks or free time. Competitive thinking is more in the background. This is also strengthened by the different basic requirements. Many mobile games rely on the freemium principle, which creates great inequality for those who do not make large investments in the game.

Which games are already on the market?

Nevertheless, the situation on the mobile market is also constantly evolving. Certain games can already build on a large fan base. One of them is a mobile MOBA called Vainglorywhich is based in a certain way on eSport. It was developed by Super Evil Megacorp and can be played on smartphones and tablets and is available for Android and iOS. Teams compete against each other in a direct duel, the goal of each game is to destroy the opposing base. The best of these teams are organized in the Vainglory International Premier League. Even better known is the game Hearthstone, which was developed by Blizzard as a turn-based card game based on the principle of Magic the Gathering. The advantage of the game is that it is offered on all platforms and is therefore suitable for practically every gamer. At least all those who like to collect cards and play with them.

Are mobile games becoming more and more popular?

The strength of most eSportsProf# is the extremely high response time required for well-known games. This does not apply to mobile games and thus robs the athlete of one of his greatest strengths. In general, the developers of mobile games still have the advantage that the The number of mobile gamers is increasing noticeably naturally, simply because more people are just using their smartphones instead of turning on a PC. In the future, however, they will have to convert this advantage into something much more, in order to finally be able to proto make professional game use possible on smartphones or tablets. The PC gamers of his ProConvincing products with noticeably less complex control elements should be quite a difficult task. For the time being, the target group remains the one who finds a pleasant start thanks to the easy handling. On the other hand, being free of charge also appeals to eSports users, whose games usually do without unnecessary extensions and payment concepts. The most important keyword remains equal opportunities. If Vainglory, Hearthstone and Co. can also continue to assert themselves on the mobile market, there is a realistic chance for pure mobile gaming to enter the real eSports scene.

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