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HTML5 is growing in popularity: are apps a thing of the past?

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If you are looking for mobile apps these days, you will quickly realize that the buzzword at the moment is HTML5. The search for certain apps for the usual suspects iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Co. often fizzles out. Instead, you come across the somewhat vague statement, “Use our web app”. This is not a particularly helpful statement for laypeople. How does he get this web app?

The web app is not that new - Wunderino is showing the way

Upon closer search, it becomes clear that this is HTML5. The HTML5 is also often referred to as a web app, but it is not an app. No download is required, this is one of the things that set HTML5 apart from native apps. HTML5 is basically nothing more than a Markup Language, see HTML: In 2004 the new language spread and brought an astonishing amount of new functions and possibilities into the houses of the designers. It is all the more surprising that HTML5 has only been able to gain acceptance on the market in the past four or five years.

The "classic" app really seems to be dying out - HTML5 is a very good alternative. (Image:

HTML5: Everything online instead of via the app

Video games, online banking, online shopping or social media - more and more providers rely on HTML5 and the further development of web-based applications. Casino software designers have also enthusiastically embraced the new Programmar language crashed. The result is that many online casinos no longer have to download an app or even a client for the home computer. But you are welcome to make this a little clearer on the website, because you don't have to hide this fact. When it comes to mobile use, however, many providers are not quite as transparent as one would like.

Instead of looking for a long time, you can leave this work to others and read the reviews on comparison sites instead. One would like something similar for all online providers. The advantages of a “web app” are obvious. If you access the web app via the Internet, the latest version of the application is always available. In addition, you save elsewhere because the constant updates of the mobile apps are unnecessary.

Are the times of download apps over?

The fact that HTML5 simplifies the design of mobile apps so much that there should no longer be any justification for downloading them might speak for it. The website, which relies on the technology, is available to customers with laptops and desktops as well as from mobile devices. But that doesn't mean that the download was done. Gone are perhaps the days of Adobe Flash: So said once Steve Jobsthat Apple does not support Adobe technology because, among other things, it is an unreliable, closed system and does not meet the requirements of the mobile age - that was almost ten years ago. Despite all this, the development is still in its infancy and what the next few years will bring in this regard should be extremely exciting.

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