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The future of gaming: trends and innovations to look forward to

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Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

What are the next innovations that will await us in the gaming scene? What does the future of gaming look like? In this article we will go into the latest trends that we can look forward to in the near future and briefly summarize the biggest trends.

New technologies and constant further development ensure that a number of new innovations are expected in the gaming industry in the years to come. There is now a game for almost every taste, and so we look forward to the future of gaming and other new trends.

What matters most, however, is the huge impact players have on the scene. This is groundbreaking for new trends and developments. And which of these trends will we present to you at the Gamescom can spot?

  • Multiplatform Titles: Crossplay allows for cross-platform play, increased popularity, and increased player count.
  • Cloud Gaming: Games run on external servers, stream over the internet, low memory footprint and technical requirements.
  • E-Sport & Mobile Games: E-Sport is growing with high prize money, large organizations use it for advertising, mobile games are establishing themselves on smartphones.

Multiplatform title

Until now, anyone who wanted to experience exciting multiplayer matches with their friends was in most cases tied to a console or platform. Crossplay, also known as multiplatform gaming, eliminates the need to agree on a common console or PC and the gaming community could finally be united. Crossplay means that you can play together with other players online - whether as a direct match or for joint adventures.

Cross-platform gaming can already be observed in some popular titles and it can be assumed that it will continue to enjoy growing popularity. This trend has already caught on with recently released titles such as the new “Sons of the Forest”. The main reasons against cross-platform games so far have been the high costs and lack of technologies - now the advantages seem to outweigh them. The gaming manufacturers also expect higher numbers of players through crossplay.

A pioneer in this area since 2017 is the game "Fortnite' and is still one of the world's most popular multiplayer games. Through crossplay, the hardware used is slowly losing importance and social interaction is steadily moving to the fore.


In the Cloud-Gaming the desired games run on external servers and the player streams the game over the Internet. So there is no installation of the game on your own hardware. The respective game can be accessed from anywhere in the world and the smartphone is transformed into a handy console. A prerequisite for the perfect gaming experience, however, is a stable and fast internet connection.

Cloud gaming offers the advantage that almost no storage space is used on the end devices, and the technical requirements for the console or PC are also reduced. Cloud gaming is sometimes referred to as the successor to classic gaming. So we can look forward to a lot of flexibility and freedom.

indie games

With platforms like Steam, even small developer studios and indie games have discovered a simple distribution channel and can conquer the gaming market. This is how small indie games like “Valheim” became bestsellers. Through operators like Roblox, small game developers can use the direct conclusions of the community to improve and get quick feedback.


Competitive gaming, also known as e-sports, continues to enjoy growing popularity, regardless of whether it is watched live on various streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube or in front of a live audience. The extremely high prize money, some of which is paid out, encourages many young players to turn their passion into a career. Companies and large organizations have now also grasped the fascination of gaming and use events to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers through targeted advertising. Some esports teams have huge fan bases and are evolving into true lifestyle brands.

Big football clubs like Bayern Munich and Manchester City now have their own esports teams and divisions. So e-sports and traditional sports are getting closer and closer. These are all important steps to move e-sports further into the center of society and to gain the necessary recognition.

mobile Games

The smartphone is now also fully established in the gaming scene. It's always there, and mobile games can turn waiting times at the doctor's or the bus or train ride into a pleasant pastime. Important for this: without stable internet, very few games work on the smartphone. Loud Prognose the Telekom but by 2025 almost the entire population should be equipped with 5G - we are curious.

Fitness gaming

At FIBO 2023, the topics of e-sports and gaming were reinforced in the Programs added. Fitness and gaming are not mutually exclusive - on the contrary: staying active and having fun at the same time are a wonderful complement. From simple dance games like Just Dance to Ring Fit Adventure, a number of fitness games await us in the years to come – including motivating online fitness trainers.

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