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Android apps crash: Here's how to do it Prosolve problem

Google Pixel 5 review
Image: © 2020 TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2020 © 2020 TechnikNews)

There are currently numerous Android apps that crash immediately after starting or during use. This includes, for example, popular apps such as the Gmail email app, TikTok, some games and more. This is due to the Android WebView, which is used to display web content.

The ProThe problem has existed for a few hours - it started yesterday afternoon. Google has that Proproblem towards "TheVerge“ has now been officially confirmed and a bugfix has been published in the form of an update. A bug in a current version of the Android System WebView causes some apps to crash unexpectedly when clicking on certain content. Isolated crashes can also occur directly after take-off. In this article we will show you how to do that Procan solve the problem.

Error in Android System WebView: Android app crashes - this is how you can fix it

There are two possible solutions to make the apps work again. The simplest variant is to bring the Android WebView up to date. If you update to version 89.0.4389.105, everything should work again. This update is available to all users in the Google Play Store to disposal. If the app does not update automatically, simply switch to the Play Store, type in "Android System WebView" and click on "Update". Alternatively, you can click on the following link:

Android system WebView
Android system WebView
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free of charge

If you can't update, a second option can help. Like Samsung Support via Twitter recommends that you can reset the Android System WebView to prevent this Proproblem to fix. To do this, you have to go to Settings > Apps > Android System WebView > three dots in the top right > Uninstall updates. Then restart the smartphone and open the desired app. Then Android apps won't crash anymore. If you don't find Android System WebView directly under your apps, there may be a menu (usually: three dots) with the option of displaying "system apps". If the app doesn't appear either, scroll down, there we have another alternative solution.

Doesn't work or Android system WebView deactivated? Another solution

With older (Samsung) smartphones, the above solutions may not work, as some did for us TechnikNews readers have reported. This can be due to a deactivated Android WebView or it is generally not installed on the smartphone. Then, of course, the app cannot be updated and no updates can be uninstalled. With earlier Android versions and manufacturers, the WebView was still linked to Google Chrome. about that ProHowever, to solve the problem, you can try updating Google Chrome to version 89.0.4389.105. Google now has an update for Google Chrome in the Google Play Store rolled out.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free of charge

If the update is not available, you can use the Google Chrome APK download directly here. As a further alternative, you can also search for “Google Chrome” in the apps and uninstall the updates there as described above. This can also fix the app crash when Android WebView is deactivated.

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Do that TechnikNews-Ding together with a great team since 2015. Works in the background on the server infrastructure and is also responsible for everything editorial. Is fascinated by current technology and enjoys blogging about everything digital. In his free time he can often be found developing webs, taking photographs or making radio.

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Sorry for the German ^^ So again ... The Android System WebView application is deactivated by default. That means, I can't undo anything regarding the update either. In the Playstore it does not appear under the applications ^^ Neither when installed nor in the media library.


I have exactly the same Problem like Holger and unfortunately that doesn't work for me with Google Chrome either 🙁

Jannic Manz

Updating Google Chrome works for me! Thanks!


Thanks so much. Now it actually seems to be working again after being almost desperate for an hour. Thank you 🙂
Feel free to delete my other comment below if you can. Accidentally appeared twice


Top. I have now downloaded the new version of Chrome from the App Store and it works now. Thanks very much!


Perfect. For me, too, it works again with the Google Chrome update.
Otherwise the app was deactivated and could not be touched.

I thank myself. 🙂


Thanks, the Chrome update helped here too.


Thank you very much for the helpful tip!


Hello 😉

Yes, with the installation of Chrome everything actually worked. What I don't understand, however, is why is it that the Android System WebView is deactivated on my Samsung S7 at all? If it belongs to the Android system, why shut it down. And use Chrome's webview instead? It's funny. Especially since it will probably be like that now, that always then Proproblems will occur if Chrome is not up to date. I'm now almost forced to use Chrome, because otherwise the well-known ones Proproblems occur again. But I'm afraid you can't give any advice.
My first thought was to reset the cell phone to the delivery state. But if I'm unlucky it just looks like it does now and I wanted to save myself that 😉
Ergo, the actually intended Android WebView system is deactivated by default at Samsung and instead the system accesses the Chrome. Then so be it.

Thank you for your help.


For me, too, the weather and email work again after the Google Chrome update. Thanks for the great help here! LG, Arno

Jean Beach

Hello, thanks for the tips haber unfortunately not led to success. I have that with my A51 Proproblem that I can no longer turn on my WLAN, Bluetooth and the mobile hotspot. Sometimes a message comes up that Bluetooth has been terminated. And the following is also when I turn off my cell phone and restart it again, it usually takes 5 attempts until it stays on and doesn't restart itself.
Maybe you can help me.


Hello, I have a Redmi 8T and can neither update the WebView application nor Chrome. Only "update pending" comes up for hours. Emptying the cache did not help either. Other forums do not recommend uninstalling Chrome's updates. Apart from that, I still haven't understood how I could even do it, I haven't found a button for it. Do you have another tip for me? Thank you very much!


Hi, thank you very much - I was able to uninstall the updates from Google Chrome and also clear the cache of the Google Play Store and services. Unfortunately, the Chrome update still does not work and my apps are still crashing .... Any ideas? Can you assume that sooner or later an update will be installed automatically and everything will work again? Thank you in advance!


Thanks for the tips! You guys helped me a lot
Cheers 🙂


Imam proproblem.. Viber mi ne radi drugi dan… Sve sam probala.. Ne samo meni.. Puno mojih prijatelja ima isti problem


Thanks - the tip with the Google Chrome update worked!


Hello, I got yesterday's Chrome update (it was installed automatically), but my gmx app does not work. And gmx says I should update the Android System WebView application in addition to the Chrome update. That in turn does not work, it is not displayed in the Play Store. What now?? Thank you for your help!


Hello, I have a Samsung S20, both updates installed. It took forever. In the evening the status was still "Installation pending", in the morning the update was done. Since then, the mobile phone hangs up almost every step of the way with "Surface does not react". Or it restarts automatically all the time. If I switch off WLAN, mobile data, ... it works. What can I do now?


sorry you made a mistake… S10, not S20 🙂


Thanks for the solution with the Chrome update!
Today I am almost desperate with my S8 because I did not activate Androit System Webview or got no update and luckily I found your site or tip!
Chrome updated and now none Problem more.
@David, thank you very much !!!


Thanks - been making out all afternoon. It worked. You're great


Updating Chrome worked, it looks like I would never have thought of it Thank you very much


Thanks for the tip. My S7 works again after the Chrome update 🙂
I wanted to reset the phone to factory settings ...


My web view thing is deactivated by default ^^ What now? I can't press activate either, it doesn't work. Samsung Galaxy S7 ...

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