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Delete your Facebook account completely - here's how!

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Following the data scandal surrounding Facebook by Cambridge Analytica, the social network is currently under heavy criticism. Even WhatsApp co-founders  has called on users on Twitter to delete their Facebook account. But where is this setting for deleting the Facebook account? We clarify how this works in this guide.

Facebook has been losing active user numbers for a number of years. That has the recently become known Facebook data scandal Well not necessarily done better. It should have been a linked app from a third party to blame. This was able to pick up a lot of data - also from the user's friends. According to current reports, around 50 million user data and interests are said to have been tapped. Even if, according to Marc Zuckerberg, there will be numerous changes, some are now drawing the line: delete the Facebook account. But where exactly does this work and why not deactivate it?

Before: Quickly download a copy of all content?

Before getting his own Profil deletes, it may be of interest to have a copy of all data shared with Facebook. This backup contains all posts, photos and others ever shared Profilinfos. Deleted content is also listed there in chronological order. This copy can be downloaded directly from Facebook as a ZIP file and viewed in the browser after unzipping. So it is best to keep it in a safe place. In this guide we showed how to make a copy of his FacebookProfils can download.

How to delete your own Facebook Profil final

Facebook makes users delete their own Pronot really easy. On the other hand, deactivating your own Proson in the account settings done quickly. However, when the account is deactivated, all of your own data will still be retained. In addition, the account can be reactivated at any time and then contains all the data as before. Facebook can also continue to access all data during this time.

Since 2008, a data protection regulation on Facebook has made it possible to permanently delete one's account. On this hidden help page from Facebook you can find the Request deletion of his Facebook account. However, according to the post, the deletion of all contents of the account can take up to 90 days. The account will be submitted for deletion after clicking on the button; it will no longer be possible to reactivate it later. Other friends are not notified, you just disappear from all friend lists. When messages are sent via FB Messenger, the name is replaced by "Deleted Account".

WhatsApp co-founder calls for deletion of Profils on

As a result of this misuse of data, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton called on Twitter to delete his own Facebook account. "It's time. Delete Facebook ", he tweets. Ellon Musk then deleted all of his Facebook pages after commenting on the tweet. The side of Tesla, SpaceX and from Ellon Musk himself are no longer accessible. Before that, a user made him aware of whether he wanted to delete Tesla's Facebook page. Musk takes it with humor and tweets "Definitive. Looks boring anyway. "

What are you doing? Are you going to stop collecting data through Facebook and delete your account? If not, follow us but gladly on Facebook.

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