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Often on the go and no idea for music: The best tips

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Each of us enjoys listening to music, whether it's with a custom playlist, using Playbackproprograms or on streaming platforms. Have you listened to all the playlists and you're out of ideas for new music? We have the best tips for fresh music ideas in this guide.

While people increasingly listen to music on their mobile phones today, people used to listen to music on records or cassettes. At some point your own playlist or CD that you have already listened to several times will definitely become boring. Everyone needs a musical change. There is still the medium of radio today, which, depending on the station, plays music from different areas and has something for everyone.

radio over the internet

While you used to be able to listen to the radio on ultra-short waves (short: VHF), today there is digital audio broadcasting (short: DAB) or the Internet, which can be used to receive your favorite radio.

In addition to the actual radio stream, most stations offer other playlists, which are assigned according to genres.

The radio is always there

In addition to the classic websites, there is also the option of receiving the radio via various apps on mobile devices.

With the function to create a favorites list, the favorite stations are saved for quick access.

TuneIn Radio: Music & Sport
TuneIn Radio: Music & Sport
Developer: TuneIn Inc.
Price: Free of charge
‎TuneIn Radio: FM Music & Sports
‎TuneIn Radio: FM Music & Sports
Developer: TuneIn
Price: Free of charge+

So everyone has the opportunity to listen to the radio not only at home, but also on the go, for example on a well-deserved vacation or at work.

Also audible via voice assistants

Not only via the various radio apps, but also with the help of today's voice assistants, such as Google Assistant or Alexa, it is possible to switch on the transmitter without having to operate a screen or switch.

If you are missing the music for on the go, you can use this method to easily remedy the situation.

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Not only news articles, but also in the radio area, Tim is on the road to be able to offer something not only in writing, but also for the ears. When he's not at the computer, he drives people from A to B in a bus or likes to drive and explore new cities himself.

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