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PopOS: Finally decent gaming with Linux?

PopOS homescreen
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2019 TechnikNews)

If the usual Windows updates get on your nerves, or if you have to endure or accept data loss due to one of the last updates, I can do that PopOS just recommend. But what is it?

PopOS is a Linux-based operating system that is particularly suitable for gaming (Linux itself arose from similar roots as macOS). Linux gaming has been around for a long time, more precisely for over a year. So far it has been complicated and tedious until you get Steam or something similar to work and finally start your game.

Linux gaming was therefore not for everyone. Lately you just have to find the right one ISO file (NVIDIA- or select AMD driver) onto a USB stick with Rufus (creates a live USB stick from which you can boot) load and restart. This is followed by the establishment of the installation of Wine and Lutrix. Then all you have to do is download Steam and your favorite games and the gaming session can begin. You can find more detailed instructions here:

If you don't like the PopOS user interface, you can simply install another Windows-like version. Examples are KDE or macOS-like launchers, eg: Budgie. Even for it ProLinux can be interesting because the Proprogramming languages ​​can be supported via PopOS with just one click. And that's not all, anyone who needs help or difficulties can turn to the very good Linux support from archlinux or the ubuntu wiki.

Anti-cheat software is currently not supported by PopOS, which is why games from Epic Games such as Fortnite are not compatible. Not all games are available on Steam yet, but there are more and more - currently there are already over 5.000.

POP! _OS interface

Picture: TechnikNews

In any case, the standard user interface of PopOS looks very plain, clean and simple, in my opinion almost too simple.

Info for those who still have doubts

If I haven't convinced you of Linux yet, you should know that myself Google Stadia is streamed via Linux server. When asked whether the games are going worse, I can only say that I didn't notice any performance drops.

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Andreas Rossmann

Andreas has been here for a long time TechnikNews. He is a huge fan of new technology, especially smartphones, but also computer hardware. Andreas likes to write articles and reviews and always makes sure to bring his own honest opinion.

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