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Snapchat Dark Mode for Android: How to do it without Snapchat+

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For a long time, Dark Mode on Snapchat was reserved for iOS users only. Then the function also appeared on Android smartphones, but only with Snapchat+, which costs money. Now you can activate dark mode without a subscription. We'll show you how.

In a nutshell: Asking for a paid subscription of 4,49 euros for the dark mode of an app is probably one of Snapchat's most bizarre decisions. From now on the whole thing works free of charge, but with a small detour. Don't worry - in this article we will show you all the steps to get there.

Activate Snapchat Android Dark Mode without subscription

A subscription to a dark mode in an app, really? It doesn't have to be. With Snapchat+, subscribers currently get custom notification sounds, selectable app icons, chat wallpapers, app themes, show story replays, repeat snap twice, restore flames, and more. Dark Mode was included in this list until recently. Now Dark Mode in Snapchat is also unlocked for free for all Android users.

Developer: Snap Inc.
Price: Free of charge

The setting isn't available to everyone yet, but you can sign up as a beta tester on the Play Store to use the feature in advance. The update should be available to everyone in a few weeks.

  1. Update Snapchat in the Play Store
  2. Open Snapchat, tap that Profilbild top left, then on the settings symbol top right
  3. "App display" menu item
  4. There you can now choose between "Always bright" or "Always dark".

Unfortunately, there is not (yet) an adaptive setting to automatically adjust the dark mode to the settings of the smartphone.

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