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Apple Car shouldn't come

iOS 16 Car Play
Image: Apple
(Post image: © 2022 Apple)

Last week there wasn't just news about MWC 2024, but also to Apple, more precisely to the Apple Car. After years of development work, this isn't supposed to happen.

The fact that Apple was working on a fully electric Apple Car first emerged from the rumor mill almost exactly 10 years ago in 2014. Originally, this car was supposed to be able to drive completely autonomously and therefore have no pedals or steering wheel. Over the years, however, Apple has backtracked on this issue, meaning that the ability to drive independently should not have come until after the launch.

The latest information about the development schedule was that the Apple Car should come onto the market in 2028 for a price of around $100.000. However, Apple has now announced internally that Prowill be buried today, according to a report. It is said of thisprochen that that Proproject had reached a “make-or-break” stage and Tim Cook himself was exposed to increased pressure from investors.

Am ProEmployees involved in the project will either be transferred to the artificial intelligence team or have the opportunity to apply for other positions within the company. But there will also be layoffs, according to the report.

At least Apple's efforts were probably not for nothing else. It can be assumed that the developments in infotainment are in the new version of CarPlay flowed in. It's still a shame that the Apple Car was canceled.

Street: 9to5Mac

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