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Garmin fenix 6, fenix 6 Pro and fenix 6X Pro presented: New fitness watches are official

Garmin fenix 6 series
Image: Garmin
(Post picture: © 2019 Garmin)

Even before IFA 2019, Garmin showed the new Garmin fenix 6 series this week, which is a bit lost in the news here. Now we will submit this later - as usual with all technical details and pictures at a glance.

There are a total of three new models in the Garmin fenix 6 series. There is a fenix 6 (normal variant), fenix 6S (small variant, 42mm) and the fenix 6X (with solar). That's right, you read that right - the last model is charged via solar. If that doesn't work due to insufficient solar radiation, you can of course charge the watch normally. But you can extend the battery life on sunny days.

Garmin fenix 6 series: technical specifications

Let's start with that Garmin fenix 6. In terms of technical equipment, this is the same as the fenix 6S. The smaller version comes in a 42mm case, the larger version in a 47mm case size. In terms of price, however, both watches are the same. Things like GPS, NFC (Garmin Pay), compass and thermometer are also included in the standard version.

But there are differences in the fenix 6 Pro: this costs 100 euros more. But you have functions such as ski maps, offline music and WiFi directly on your wrist. Otherwise there are no noticeably larger differences - at least I didn't notice them on the data sheet.

The special watch in the series is the Garmin fenix 6X Pro. It recharges the battery itself with solar - so you can extend the battery life of 21 days in smartwatch mode to an additional 4 days. In the energy-saving mode, you can even fill up with sun for another 80 days out of the 40 days. Garmin calls this technology "power glass", where the sun has to shine directly on the glass on the front of the watch - and it is charged. The solar and battery status can also be checked at any time in the settings. However, the solar watch only comes in the large 51mm version – possibly a bit clumsy for thin arms.

Garmin fenix 6X Pro Solar

The largest variant of the Garmin fenix 6 charges itself using solar. (Image: Garmin)

Sure - these watches are not cheap fitness trackers, but they still offer some great extra functions for hiking. Certainly not everyone has things like maps with them on their fitness trackers.

Garmin fenix 6 series: prices

  • fenix 6S / fenix 6 (42mm, 47mm): 599,99 euros
  • fenix 6S Pro/fenix 6 Pro (42mm, 47mm): 699,99 euros
  • fenix 6 Pro Sapphire Edition (47mm, Carbon Gray, scratch-resistant): 799,99 euros
  • fenix 6S Pro Sapphire Edition (42mm, white gold/beige, scratch-resistant): 899,99 euros
  • fenix 6X Pro Solar (51mm): 949,99 euros

Depending on the color and model, the prices may vary again. It's best to configure yourselves on the GarminProduct side Your favorite model and check out the price. There is also more information about the technical equipment. All models are available in 3 weeks at the latest.

We'll take a closer look at these at IFA.

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