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Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display: Concept presented with a transparent display

Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display featured image
Image: Lenovo
(Post picture: © 2024 Lenovo)

Lenovo is also represented at MWC 2024. With the Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display, the company brought, among other things, a laptop with a transparent display. You can read what it's all about here.

The Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display has a screen that measures 17,3 inches diagonally. The resolution of this is not known, but what Lenovo does reveal is that this is a micro-LED panel. The name of the concept reveals what is special about this: the screen is transparent. This means that you can see the surroundings behind the traditional Windows 11 user interface.

The image quality looked quite good at the trade fair, but it didn't come close to that of a conventional laptop display. In addition, the viewing angles are not the best. But why do you need such a transparent display? Lenovo imagines that you have physical objects in front of you and digital information about them can appear on the screen.

Another exciting aspect of this concept is the keyboard and trackpad. These are displayed on a glass surface, which is also intended to accept input with a supported pen. The Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display will certainly not be the next dream tool for authors, but rather you should be able to draw things with it that can then be displayed over real objects.

The ThinkBook Transparent Display is still a concept, so it's not going to work for now Proproducts for purchase. But one can expect that Lenovo will definitely have something like this on offer in the future.

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