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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra accidentally leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra lying down
... still lying here. (Image: Samsung)
(Post image: © 2020 Samsung))

Samsung appears to have leaked its Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It is not often that a manufacturer publishes its own smartphone on its website before the market launch. Samsung seems to have done this by mistake.

It's about that Galaxy note 20 ultra, a new phablet smartphone from the Koreans. The design, which is very similar to the picture on the Samsung website, was already adopted by the renowned leaker "OnLeaks" in May leaked.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leak

Image: Twitter / Pigtou_

Official images from Samsung surfaced

Now are on several Samsung websites, which actually fit the Galaxy Note 8, two pictures surfaced. These look very much like the smartphone that has already been leaked - the pictures below have already been confirmed by several leakers such as Max Weinbach. An event about the new smartphones should be there in August. A corresponding one Web archives there is also, in case the website is changed again.

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