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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Current Expectations, Leaks and Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leak
Image: Twitter / Pigtou_
(Post image: © 2020 Twitter / Pigtou_)

As in previous years, the Galaxy Note series from Samsung is again a high-flyer in the S series. This should bring the best features of the S20 with it and improve or even reinvent others. But will that also be true for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra? We look through the current details.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is said to be the predecessor Galaxy Note 10 + but are very similar, not only in the angular shape, but also in the curved display. A feature that we have in the Galaxy S20 Unfortunately, I hardly saw the row. The display is expected to have a diameter of 6,9 inches (approx. 18 cm), will have a punch-hole camera - the same as its predecessor - and will have an LTPO display as a new feature.

The only question is: What is the difference between LTPO and the traditional LTPS? It's very simple, the LTPO display can not only display 120Hz - like the LTPS - but can also switch down to 1Hz, for example to save battery in standby mode. In addition, for content that does not support 120Hz, it can adjust the refresh rate. An LTPO display is therefore more energy-efficient and would bring a better runtime for the Note 20 Ultra. Unfortunately, LTPO displays are in the ProProduction is more expensive and unfortunately the Note 20 Ultra will probably be too.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Specs

According to the last tweet from IceUniverse the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will probably get an overclocked Snapdragon 865, namely the 865+, although Qualcomm had only planned the model for the year 2021. Unfortunately, we Europeans will not get the long-awaited Snapdragon, but will have to be content with the improved 6 nm chipset of the Exynos 992. More about the differences you can find here. However, the performance of the 992 should finally be able to hold a candle to the 865, even if that can mean that the 865+ will again trump it. Furthermore, the Note 20 Ultra should get 12 or 16 GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: camera

The camera should also be very similar to the S20 Ultra, only the telephoto camera is expected to get an upgrade: 13 megapixels, as a result of which the Note 20 Ultra should be able to take better night pictures. The space zoom should also be reduced to 50x, but it should generally be better. The mainproThe problem with the 108 MP sensor is the autofocus, which Samsung wants to improve with a laser focus sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: S Pen

Yes, even the S-Pen should be improved and thus have even less latency than its predecessor. With just 9 milliseconds, it would finally be comparable to the Apple Pencil. We owe this to new sensors that are to be used. In addition, according to IceUniverse, the S-Pen should also get new functions, but what these should look like is currently unclear.

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