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Sonos Ace introduced: The smart over-ear headphones

Sonos Ace Soft White
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2024 TechnikNews)

Sonos is known for its multiroom and smart speakers in your own four walls and now also beyond. But one thing was missing: headphones. Now the first over-ear headphones that fans have so often requested are finally here. Sonos Ace is the name of the first generation - we accompanied the launch event for you.

With the Sonos Ace, the company is presenting the first over-ear headphones that are designed to fit perfectly into the existing Sonos system. Visually with numerous elements reminiscent of other SonosProducts and the headphones, which technically work together with the Sonos soundbars. We were there for you at the launch event, where we tested the headphones for the first time procould beer. The first impression is convincing - unfortunately we can't reveal more yet - all further details will follow in the later test report TechnikNews.

3D audio, noise canceling & integration into home cinema

Here you can find an overview of all the technical data:

  • driver: 40mm dynamic drivers per earcup
  • Microphones: eight microphones for video calls, phone calls or interaction with the smartphone's voice assistant
  • Audio: Head Tracking (sound stays in place even when you turn your head), Dolby Atmos – if supported by service and device; Lossless audio via USB-C or Bluetooth (Snapdragon Sound aptX Lossless required)
  • ANC: Noise cancellation with Aware mode to let all noise through
  • TV Audio Swap: Sound changes from a compatible Sonos soundbar to the Sonos Ace at the touch of a button (without an additional connection to the TV)
  • Wear detection: Playback stops automatically when you take off the headphones or starts again when you put them on
  • Controls on the left: Turn on headphones, connect device
  • Controls on the right: Control up/down changes volume, click starts playback or stops playback, skip song or repeat, change ANC/Aware mode
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth 5.4 and USB-C to USB-C cable (included); Can be connected to Sonos app
  • Battery: 1.060 mAh, at least 30 hours of listening time with ANC activated; 3 minutes of quick charge equals 3 hours of listening time, full in 2 hours

It wouldn't be a Sonos headphone if it didn't work with other Sonos devices. Using the TV Audio Swap feature, the sound of a compatible Sonos soundbar can be switched directly to the headphones. There is no need to change cables or connect the headphones to the TV. Furthermore, the headphones nestle into the new Sonos app where settings can be made - including the equalizer, which can be adjusted as desired.

Light and elegant

Thanks to the lightweight materials, the Sonos Ace only weighs 312 grams and measures 191 x 160 x 85 mm. The headband is padded with foam, the ear cups can also be replaced and are covered with a vegan imitation leather. Furthermore, the hinge for adjusting the size remains hidden so that no hair can get caught - as you know. The case is also quite compact and is made from 75% recycled felt from plastic bottles.

Sonos Ace Case

Picture: TechnikNews

Price and availability

The Sonos Ace will be available from June 5th at a price of 499 euros in Germany, Austria and other countries. The color choices are black and soft white.

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