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Sony ULT FIELD 1, ULT FIELD 7 and ULT TOWER 10 officially launched

Sony ULT FIELD 1 featured image
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2024 TechnikNews)

Sony today unveiled a new audio divisionProproducts that go by the name ULT. Some ProThese products include the Sony ULT FIELD 1, the ULT FIELD 7 and the ULT TOWER 10.

The new ULT series from Sony stands for a strong sound with lots of bass and is therefore particularly aimed at young and hip-hop-loving people. But you don't have to listen to every song with bass - use the ULT button, which is in all of them Products are built in, the intensity of this can be easily regulated. Nevertheless, Sony advertises that despite the focus on the bass, the sound should still be clear and detailed, just as you would expect from others Proproducts.

Today Sony introduced a total of four new ones Products for this fire, including three loudspeakers. We will highlight the most important key data below.


The ULT FIELD 1 is the smallest Bluetooth speaker Sony unveiled today. This is available in four colors namely white, black, gray and forest gray and is water and dust resistant. It also has an integrated loop for easier transport and can withstand drops of up to 1,2 meters Probe able to deal with problems. The FIELD 1 comes with microphones that block out echoes when making calls, and the aforementioned ULT button, which can be used to activate an additional bass level. The battery life is 12 hours.

The ULT FIELD 1 comes onto the market this month for an RRP of 139 euros.


The ULT FIELD 7 is the larger sibling of the FIELD 1 and weighs around six kilograms. The case has two handles for carrying and is protected against water and dust. The speaker has two X-balanced drivers for low tones, two tweeters on the sides and two passive radiators, which automatically adjust the volume to the environment thanks to sound field optimization. And with the “Party Connect” feature, up to 100 compatible speakers can be connected to each other. The ULT button offers in this Proproduct has two strengths, one “ULT 1” or “Deep Bass” and one “ULT 2” or “Attack Base”.


Picture: TechnikNews

The price of the ULT FIELD 7 is 449 euros. The market launch is also this month.


The biggest and heaviest ProThe ULT Tower 30 is a product that weighs around 10 kilograms and has integrated wheels. It has two tweeters at the front and two at the back for 360-degree sound, two midrange speakers and an X-balanced speaker. It can also be connected to a TV using an optical cable and can then adapt the sound to the room. The ULT Tower comes with the same UTL modes as the FIELD 7, namely “Deep Bass” and “Attack Base”. With one like this ProOf course, the question arises as to where to use it. Sony says it was designed for “large and spacious rooms”.

Sony ULT Tower 10

Picture: TechnikNews

The Sony ULT TOWER is priced at 1.199 euros and sales also begin this month.

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