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After Huawei: Trump administration in the US puts Xiaomi on the blacklist

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Picture: Xiaomi
(Post image: © 2021 Xiaomi)

Almost two years ago, the US blacklisted the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. This means that US companies such as Qualcomm or Google are no longer allowed to trade with Huawei. Now the next manufacturer from China, namely Xiaomi, has been hit.

What's next for Xiaomi with Android and Google apps? We have in this article all important questions and answers summarized.

Update: Xiaomi sent us the following statement on this situation:

The Company has been in compliance with law and operating in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of jurisdictions where it conducts its businesses. The Company reiterates that it provides products and services for civilian and commercial use. The Company confirms that it is not owned, controlled or affiliated with the Chinese military, and is not a “Communist Chinese Military Company” defined under the NDAA. The Company will take appropriate course of actions to proprotect the interests of the company and its shareholders.

The Company is reviewing the potential consequences of this to develop a fuller understanding of its impact on the Group. The Company will make further announcements as and when appropriate

A few hours ago today, the Trump administration blacklisted a total of nine Chinese companies, including Xiaomi. If you are worried about the lack of Google services on future Xiaomi smartphones, I can reassure you for the time being. Unlike Huawei, you are still allowed to trade with US companies. The only restriction is that American investors will sell their stakes in Xiaomi in the next few months. Reuters says:

The companies will be subject to a new US investment ban which forces American investors to divest their holdings of the blacklisted firms by Nov. 11, 2021.

Source: Reuters

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Fabian Menzel

Fabian has been part of since mid-September 2020 TechnikNews and regularly supplies the site with various news, but also with some test reports on smartphones. He's having so much fun and is extremely grateful to have such a great team by his side. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and occasionally taking photos with his Huawei Mate 50 Pro.

Fabian has already written 299 articles and left 24 comments.

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Bindochnicht perverse

I am not buying China rubbish where the company is obliged to disclose all of its data to the Communist Party, including ALL data traffic and personal data that runs through the manufacturer's servers.

In addition, the comments and, above all, their evaluation stink extremely like manipulation, sweetly angry, or the people are even more crazy and manipulable than I thought.


And the US is better or what ?? This is not manipulation but simply the honest opinion here, everyone thinks what happens to the Americans is ridiculous!

Bindochnicht perverse

To ask such a question whether the USA, a free market with clear consumer protection, which attaches great importance to freedom of expression (until then that private individuals can even call for the overthrow of the government), is more trustworthy than a criminal regime that has more people on the Conscience has been revered as the Third Reich and the greatest mass murderer in history (and against what the GDR was even a private paradise), a lot of misunderstanding and ignorance is involved ... or you sit in a call center somewhere in Beijing and work for the government?

Werner Ma

That was clear. It won't be any different with Biden either.

Jonas Seibert

When is Trump finally gone, I want to buy my new cell phone in peace without worrying about the later episodes ... Got a Oneplus and wanted to get my father a Xiaomi for his birthday, I think that will be canceled now, thanks Trump ...


Well every company that is more successful like Apple is blacklisted by the US government. This is how you harm your opponent or should I say enemy. Boo ??? The poor Americans are being spied on by China. At the same time YOU are the world champion in spying see Google and Apple. USA's policy of extortion.


Trump you are so stupid honest your agitation is ridiculous come out of kindergarten age


Unbelievable... If this is just the beginning and trading with Xiaomi is also prohibited, one can really only hope that Xiaomi and Huawei develop a reasonable alternative, maybe together so that the stupid Americans realize how they shoot themselves in the foot with it. No sane person buys Apple these days Proproducts with the price-performance ratio and the outdated hardware, which is always 1-2 years behind. The only reason why they survive is the support of WhatsApp, Google Maps and Google in general.


I think it will fall on their feet. Large Google players like Samsung have recorded significant sales declines despite the Google ban on Huawei. (Stronger than huawei's). Despite the lack of google services, Huawei pushed Samsung from the throne in Q2 2020. (

Dennis Jacobsen

But you have to add that Huawei was still allowed to sell a lot of cell phones with Google services, at first it only applied to completely new devices. And that the main sales market was China, where most western apps are not allowed anyway and so Google services are not needed either.


And considering that the Galaxy S21 will probably disappoint in some disciplines across the board. (Haptics, power supply, ...), then I hope so. I don't feel like 850€ for a plastic smartphoneProThese without paying for a power supply, where I can then order a power supply because the supplied cable has USB-C at both ends.

Werner Ma

Everything you need! And last year laughed at Apple because of the missing power supply.


The Americans are truly the scum of this earth


This comment has been blocked by the editors due to insult and hate speech.


To the editor: this post has nothing to do with freedom of expression! Please delete this post and file a criminal complaint against this dissatisfied person "Michael". Calling for civil war and insulting the Chancellor is more than a trivial offense and is a matter for the public prosecutor's office. Thanks in advance


What are you Dirt under the toenail?


What does this have to do with Americans? If the government doesn't get along, they can't help it.

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