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Amazon Spring Offer Week 2019: These are the best deals for Easter

Picture: Amazon
(Post picture: © 2019 Amazon)

Spring Sale Week has started on Amazon today. For everyone who is still looking for an Easter present, or for others Products, a perfect thing. There are numerous deals until April 15th.

Just in time for Easter, Amazon has numerous deals in stock for you again. From today, April 8th up to and including April 15th, there will be new deals every 5 minutes on the Amazon website, As with the Amazon Prime Day there are also thousands of daily and lightning deals with savings of up to 50 Procent. the ProProduct categories range from Amazon devices to technology items to sportsProducts. Daily offers are always valid for 24 hours, there are always lightning offers between 06:00 a.m. and 19:45 p.m. every 5 minutes. These offers are valid until they are sold out, and a maximum of six hours.

>> All offers from the Amazon Spring Week

Advantages with Amazon Prime

As with all Amazon promotions, there are advantages for customers with Amazon Prime. They get access to the deal 30 minutes before the start of a lightning offer. Some very good deals are already sold out in the prime phase. If you are not yet a Prime customer, you can become a member here Try it free for 30 days. For students the Prime subscription is even available at a reduced price. Otherwise you can always opt for a Prime membership - this costs 69 euros a year.

What kind of deals are there?

Exactly which deals are coming can only be seen a few hours in advance. But there is already some information from Amazon about the upcoming offers. It should include smart lighting from Philips, UHD televisions from Samsung and LG, smartphones from Sony and Huawei, tablets from Huawei, Samsung and Microsoft, game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, kitchen gadgets from WMF and Tefal, tools from Bosch, garden items from Gardena, numerous in-house devices from Amazon and much more at a discounted price. We do not list all deals here, but we have already prepared some filters for you. Click what interests you.

There is also 3 months of Amazon Music Unlimited free for new customers.

>> All offers from the Amazon Spring Week

This is how you support us

If you are a Product via the links above or this link buys, we will by a small Provision supported. Of course, this does not affect the purchase price. This helps to continue to fund our site - thank you!

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