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Android 13: First developer preview is here

Android 13 preview
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2022 TechnikNews)

Google just released the first developer preview for Android 13. All information about the new operating system.

The group off California has on Thursday evening released the first developer preview for Android 13, the successor to Android 12. The new operating system will only be described in detail at the Google I/O (expected in May 2022), but the first developer builds are already available in advance so that the developers can adapt their apps to the upgrade. The builds are available now for the Google Pixel devices and can be installed on the devices via OTA or recovery ROM.

More Material You, more at Google I/O

Android 13 themed icons

Image: Google

In the first build, improvements were made to Google's "Material-You", which now better adapts the app icons. The photo selection has also been adjusted.

Of course, there's a lot going on under the hood of this new developer preview as well, with changes that are likely to be less obvious in day-to-day use. For example, a new WiFi permission will allow apps to discover and connect to WiFi access points without requiring location permissions. In addition - especially great for multilingual users - the language pro App can be adjusted and selected.

After the Google I/O, we'll likely see the public betas then, with a fall 2022 release, again likely to coincide with the Google Pixel 7 devices in October.

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