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Android: Better interaction between devices planned for 2022

Android innovations 2022
Image: Google
(Post picture: © 2022 Google)

Apple is known for the fact that the various products of the ecosystem work well together. Google knows that too and wants to catch up with Android and Co. this year.

AirPods owners know it: You open the charging case and the in-ears are connected to an Apple device. Playback starts on another product from the manufacturer? No problem, the AirPods automatically switch their connection. This and many other features are a matter of course for people who have opted for the Apple ecosystem.

Things look a little different on Google. Every now and then there is a function for better interaction with other products, such as Fast Pair for fast coupling of Bluetooth devices, but that too happens rather slowly. As part of the CES 2022 it has now been announced that a lot will develop here this year.

Android in 2022: Improvements for Fast Pair and more

Fast Pair was briefly mentioned beforehand, for which Google is planning the biggest innovations in 2022. One of them is that Bluetooth headphones are supposed to switch connections to another device faster - including Google TVs, Android TVs, and some Windows computers. In addition, the aim is to accelerate the pairing process for the latter devices and to support the rapid setup of smart home products that communicate using the Matter standard.

A few words about the integration of PCs. At the start, Google teamed up with HP, Acer and Intel to bring Fast Pair, the synchronization of text messages and "Nearby Share" for files to Windows. Chromebooks, on the other hand, will get a slightly bigger piece of the pie. Among other things, Google wants to allow every chat app to mirror its content on the company's computer OS. In addition, the exchange of photos with a smartphone should be made easier.

Back to Android. With an Apple Watch it has been possible for about a year now unlock an iPhone. This is exactly what Android and Wear OS should work in the future. The only requirement, however, is that the smartwatch must run with Wear OS 3, which has been the case so far is still more of a rarity.

Android in 2022: when will the changes come?

It is not yet known when we will be able to try out these innovations. Google only states that they will reach users over the year.

The Verge

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