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Android P: First information about the upcoming OS known [updated]

Image: Google
(Post picture: © 2018 Google)

[last updated: Thursday, April 19.04.2018, 19 at 05:XNUMX p.m.] This year too, Google will again present the next generation of their smartphone operating system, which will probably be called Android P. Exact leaks or information about Android P were not known until now.


Update from Thursday, 19.04.2018/19/05 at XNUMX:XNUMX am

Another great feature of Android P could be that the software remembers what volume you have set on your Bluetooth audio devices. And that even if you connect to another device in the meantime. So far it was always the case that the volume was simply adopted. That's why you always had to readjust them if you had several Bluetooth devices. This Proproblem could now be a thing of the past.

Update from Wednesday, April 18.04.2018th, 15 at 23:XNUMX pm

For a long time there have been rumors that Android P will have a new way of navigating through the UI. The whole system is based heavily on the gestures of the iPhone X. You can now see a new icon in the middle of the navigation bar. Swiping upwards takes you to the new multitasking overview, which is also very similar to that of the iPhone X. If you want to remove an app from multitasking, simply swipe up. If, on the other hand, you want to close an app, you simply touch this new icon. A long touch takes you to the Google Assistant. There is still a simple back button to the left of the new symbol.

Update from Tuesday, 20.02.2018/12/12 at XNUMX:XNUMX am

According to further leaks, Google should block the possibility of accessing the smartphone cameras in the apps in the background with Android 9.0. From my point of view, this also makes perfect sense, as this innovation better guarantees the data protection of users. In addition, with the upcoming update it could be possible to record phone calls directly in the preinstalled app.

Original article

Support for atypical display types

An important feature of Android P should be the support for atypical types of displays. On the one hand, the Axon M from the Chinese company ZTE with its two displays can currently do this profit, since the company itself no longer has to make as many adjustments to the software. On the other hand, the Essential Phone with its notch can also do well profit. So far, a lot of space in the top part of the display has been wasted, all because of a lack of customization.

Deeper integration of the Google Assistant

Android P should also enable developers to integrate the Google Assistant into their own apps. For the most part, it should be about the aspects associated with voice control. In addition, the assistant should be linked directly to the search bar on the home screen. Presumably none of the features just mentioned will be available at the time of release, since, according to someone familiar with the matter, Google is still working on these innovations.

Redesign of the UI

Yes, the UI of Android is to be completely revised for Android P. It is even supposed to lure iPhone users from their smartphones to Android. It is believed that the new surface will be named Material Design 2. It should also contain new design elements for the user interface and the improvement of the colors for them.


Of course, Google wants to improve the battery management of the operating system again this year. In addition to this, the overall stability of the system should also be massively improved so that it can be compared with that of iOS. That could be another point for iPhone users to switch to Android. Unfortunately, it is also assumed that the supply of system updates for the individual devices will continue to be slow.

The article will be updated as new information becomes available on the subject.

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