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Android P: These smartphones get the update

Image: Google
(Post picture: © 2018 Google)

Android P is almost around the corner. At Google I / O 2018, users could already get an insight into the new operating system. However, one interesting question remains: Which smartphones will now get the update to Android 9?

The first beta version for Android P was officially announced at Google's I/O developer conference. In addition to some highlights in the version, the first devices with Android P were also announced. So far, beta versions of Android were only reserved for Google devices, such as the Pixel 2. Now smartphones from other manufacturers are also coming into the beta. We list all smartphones known to date that will receive the update to Android P. Smartphones in our list with (beta) can also participate in the betaProgram of android 9 participate.

Android P: These smartphones receive the update

Google: Android P with beta

First, Google is going ahead with the Pixel smartphones. As always, users of these smartphones will be among the first to receive the fresh updates from Android. Pixel phone owners have also had the option of downloading the pre-release version of Android P for a long time. All Google Phones since the name was changed to Pixel will receive the update. The Nexus devices are dropping out of the list this year. Here you can sign up for the beta version.

HTC: Quick update for the flagships

Last November, HTC introduced the three newest smartphones HTC U11, U11 Plus and U11 Life. For the top models, the manufacturer promised a quick update to Android P after the official release. It is unclear whether the cheaper U11 Life will receive the update just as quickly. In addition, this smartphone uses the more compact Android One. A quick update to Android P is therefore quite likely for the following smartphones:

Huawei: No schedule for Android P update yet

As always, it will take a little longer at Huawei for the Android update to arrive on the latest flagships. After all, the manufacturer relies on its own user interface with EMUI, with which adjustments to new Android versions always take a little longer. This is understandable. So far, however, there is no information from Huawei about a date for an update to Android P. We will continue to ask and update this article here. For the smartphones listed below, the update will most likely come this year, but it has not yet been confirmed:

Nokia: Updates come quickly

The latest Nokia smartphones with Android from HMD Global, the Prodozen of smartphones are said to be characterized by rapid Android security and version updates. So the manufacturer has one Update for almost all Nokia phones in the range versprochen. In addition, the owners of the Nokia 7 Plus can register for participation in the betaProgram of Android P rejoice. So you get all the beta versions for Android 9 at the same time as the Google devices. It is unclear whether the entry-level smartphones Nokia 1 and Nokia 2 will receive the update. Participation with a supported Nokia phone is here. is possible.

OnePlus: Approaching flagship enters betaPrograms

In addition to Nokia, OnePlus also stands for quick updates, at least for the latest models. In addition, OnePlus also offers users beta software for their devices on a regular basis. However, this did not give you any advance access to new Android versions. This is changing now: this year is OnePlus now officially part of the betaPrograms. However, this is only reserved for the upcoming OnePlus 6, but the other phones should receive an update quickly. Registration for the Android P beta for the OnePlus is from May 16 after the smartphone is released possible here.

Samsung: Time for Android P update unknown

As with Huawei, it usually takes longer for Samsung to update to a new Android version. It will be the same with Android P. It is most likely that the most recently released devices will be the first to receive the update. That would affect the whole S9 range. Samsung has not yet issued a statement on the Android update. The following smartphones will probably receive the update this year, but have not yet been confirmed:

Sony: Beta version for top model

Sony is also part of the Google beta this yearProsorry So far, like OnePlus, the manufacturer has often provided beta versions for users. But now owners of the Sony Xperia XZ2 can also enjoy Android P. The preview version can then be released in the coming weeks after the Beta registration here can be installed directly on the device. But more smartphones will probably get an update as well. There is no official information yet for the other models.

Xiaomi: Latest smartphone is part of the betaPrograms

Xiaomi's smartphones are also becoming more and more popular in Europe. Probably a reason to include the manufacturer's top model in the betaProabsorb grams. This means that the pre-release version of Android P can soon be installed directly on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. No information has yet been given about further plans for other smartphones. Here you can download the beta for your Xiaomi phone.

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (Beta)

This article will be updated regularly with other smartphones.

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