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Apple iPhone 13 series presented: This is what you can expect from this year's Apple smartphones

Apple iPhone 13
Image: Apple
(Post image: © 2021 Apple)

Today the long awaited new iPhones were finally presented. Read here what the Apple iPhone 13 and its siblings can do.

It started with the iPhone 13. This looks similar to the iPhone 12, but some small adjustments are immediately noticeable. The dual camera is rearranged and the notch is smaller. It is available in red, pink, blue, black and silver colors. The same innovations also apply to the iPhone 13 mini. The display, which is 5,4 inches in the mini and 6,1 inches in the regular iPhone, is now 28 Procent brighter and based on OLED. Apple calls this Super Retina XDR.

Apple iPhone 13 design

Image: Apple

The smartphone is powered by the A15 Bionic. This is once again faster and uses less energy. It was manufactured using the 5-nano-meter process and comes with six cores. This is supported by a graphics unit with four cores. As the operating system is iOS 15 factory installed. These increases should be noticeable in several application areas. 5G is also supported by that Proprocessor operated.

Apple iPhone 13 A15 Bionic

Image: Apple

Furthermore, the camera was improvedprochen. A new wide-angle camera was installed, which should make pictures look even more natural. It's the largest sensor ever built into an iPhone's dual-camera system. Among other things, it should absorb more light, which should make pictures with bad light look better. At his side is a new ultra-wide-angle camera. "Cinematic Mode" can now be used when recording videos. This can shift the focus if a person turns somewhere else, for example.

According to Apple, the battery in the iPhone 13 mini lasts 1,5 hours longer, while the iPhone 13 should be 2,5 additional hours. Another new feature is that the storage options start at 128 gigabytes.

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro looks almost the same as the 12 Pro. What is also new here is that the notch has been shrunk. Color options are blue, silver, gold, and gray. The built ProThe processor here is also the A15 Bionic, which equips the smartphone with 5G capabilities.

Apple iPhone 13 pro

Image: Apple

The display is 6,1 inches and 6,7 inches in size, is based on OLED (also called Super Retina XDR here) and has become a bit brighter. Also integrated Apple ProMotion from the iPad Pro, which increases the refresh rate up to 120 Hertz. The exact number depends on what you're doing. An additional layer of glass protects the display, which should make it even more robust.

Apple iphone 13 pro

Image: Apple

The camera system consists of a telephoto, an ultra wide-angle and a wide-angle camera. The improvements in photos here are similar to those of the iPhone 13. The ultra-wide-angle sensor is now also capable of macro shots, which means that small elements can be snapped even more precisely. "Smart HDR" also intervenes with color improvements in the snapshots. "Photographic Styles" are new filters that additionally freshen up the photos. Something also happened with the video function, which now allows recording with Dolby Vision HDR. Also on board is the ability to change focus afterwards and "ProRes Video”, which allows you to record videos with 4K at 30FPS and ProRes can record.

The improvements in battery life are similar to the regular iPhones.

Prices and availability

  • iPhone 13mini: 699 US Dollars
  • iPhone 13: 799 US Dollars
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 999 US Dollars
  • iPhone 13 Pro High: 1099 US Dollars

Pre-orders start this Friday. The deliveries start a week later.

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David has already written 1187 articles and left 113 comments.

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