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Apple iPhone 14: This is what Apple's iPhone should look like in 2022

Apple iPhone 14 cover picture
Image: Jon Prosser
(Featured image: © 2021 Jon Prosser)

The Apple iPhone 14 is not expected to appear until 2022, but now the design seems to have already been leaked. All information.

The YouTuber “Jon Prosser” to CAD files and images of a Prototypes of the next iPhones come in advance, which should show the final design of the devices. The iPhone 14 will be shown Pro Max". We will be the next iPhones, probably iPhone 13, though next week see, but the group is already working on the next generation.

The Apple iPhone 14 is supposed to ProThey come with a punch-hole camera in the center of the display and no camera bump. Face ID could migrate under the display, at least it is no longer visible. The cameras are built into the frame, the volume up/down buttons are now round again. Lightning should continue to be used as a connection, no USB-C or “no charging plug at all”. Since the device won't appear until 2022, this report should be taken with a healthy dose of salt.

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