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Apple M1 Ultra introduced: Two M1 Max in one package

Apple M1Ultra
Image: Apple
(Post image: © 2022 Apple)

Who thought that Apple with the M1 Pro and Max already exhausted the maximum, he was wrong. Today the Apple M1 Ultra was presented. He can.

The new M1 Ultra is based on the M1 Max, which is the best and most powerful ARMProprocessor from Apple. What you didn't know when it was first introduced is that it houses connection contacts, which allow you to connect it to a second of its kind, also called "UltraFusion" by Apple. And there you have the Apple M1 Ultra.

Apple M1Ultra

Image: Apple

Apple M1 Ultra: Twice as fast

With 114 billion transistors and a five-nanometer architecture, the M1 Ultra is twice as fast as its predecessor. It supports up to 128 gigabytes of RAM with a memory bandwidth of 800 gigabytes pro Second and has 20 cores, 64 graphics cores and a neural engine for machine learning and Co with 32 cores. Otherwise it comes with the same features that we already have in the Proprocessor that Apple unveiled in the fall. Nevertheless, it should still be very energy-efficient. It is sometimes used in the new Mac Studio, you can find information about it here .

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