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Apple MacBook Pro 14 and Pro 16 (2021) with M1 Pro and M1 max Proprocessor

Apple MacBook Pro 2021
Image: Apple
(Post image: © 2021 Apple)

Together with the new Apple M1 Pro and Apple M1 Max Proprocessors, there is the new MacBook Pro 14 and Pro 16. The two new notebooks come in a new design and say goodbye to the touch bar, among other things.

It was time again for a new generation of the MacBook Pro Series from Apple - it was to be expected in advance. The MacBook Air doesn't get any of the new ones Processors, these remain only for the new MacBook Pro 14 and Macbook Pro 16 reserved. Thus, the Air series will in future be the "normal" Prouse cessor and the Pro-Row the Pro and Max Proprocessor. When it came to the naming, you probably agreed with others Probe inspired by product ranges.

With notch

Apple MacBook Pro Notch

Image: Apple

Yes, the two new MacBooks actually come with a notch. In general, the design has changed a bit, the frames are now more rounded than before (a bit reminiscent of the earlier MacBooks) and there is more connectivity again. Seems like Apple is now going the other way down the path of "connection frugality". Exactly that is Pro 14 14,5 inches tall that Pro 16 has 16,8 inches to offer. The smaller frames are also noticeable, from the display to the edge it is now only 3,5 millimeters - the lid is generally 24 Procent thinner than before. Incidentally, despite the large notch, there is no Face ID – strange.

Apple Macbook Pro 2021 keyboard

Take care, dear Touch Bar. (Image: Apple)

Both models are again made entirely of aluminum and offer 1x HDMI on the sides, a total of 3 x Thunderbolt 4 and an SD card reader. In addition, there is a headphone jack again and MagSafe is back. This holds the MacBook magnetically on the charger - alternatively, it can still be charged via one of the three Thunderbolt ports. With the keyboard, Apple is now finally saying goodbye to the Touch Bar and replacing it with physical F-keys, which are now the same size as the keys below. The fingerprint sensor has also grown a bit.

Apple MacBook Pro 2021 MagSafe

MagSafe is back. (Image: Apple)

Anyone who likes to work with many monitors at the same time will also be happy with the new models: two can work on the 14-inch model Prodisplays connected, even three on the 16-inch model Prodisplays and an additional 4K monitor can be connected at the same time.

More power, less charging

Apple MacBook Pro 2021 overview

Image: Apple

The new one is under the hood Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max Proprocessor, which is now cooled even better. The new MacBooks are said to have half more cooling capacity. In contrast to the MacBook Air, two fans are still installed, but they should only rarely start - if at all. The new Liquid Retina XDR display, which now offers a repetition frequency of up to 120 Hz, adaptively adjusted, also offers more power. Static content is regulated down, with fast scrolling there is the full 120 Hz. As an extra, this value can be individually adjusted in the settings.

A little deeper into the details: the Apple M1 Pro Prozessor is equipped between 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU and 16-core Neural Engine and maximum 24-core GPU. The M1 Max goes a little further up: 32-core GPUs are possible here. All configurations support up to 64 GB of memory and a maximum of 8 TB of internal storage. Since the new M1ProSince the main memory and internal storage processors are in one package, none of the components can be upgraded.

We also see an improvement in the integrated camera - which is in the notch - which finally has a resolution of 1080p and comes with an aperture of f / 2.0 for even more light. In line with this, the microphones and speaker setup in the 16-inch device have also been increased.

In general, the two models are said to be up to 3,7 times faster than the previous MacBook Pro with i9-Proprocessor from Intel. This has now also been completely abandoned - no new Intel model is available from Apple anymore. With even more power, you also have to go to the socket even less often - with the 14-inch device up to 17 hours of video and with the 16-inch device up to 21 hours of video playback should be possible. With the new Fast Charge feature in the 16-inch MacBook Pro should this be halved within 30 minutes, i.e. 50 Procent, be charged.

Prices and availability

Along with all the improvements, there are - as expected - higher prices. The MacBook Pro 14 starts at 2.249 euros, the 16-inch device at 2.749 euros. But we are talking about the entry-level models with M1 Pro Proprocessor. The exact variants can be configured as usual on the Apple website. The new models will be available from next week. The original MacBook Pro 13 also remains, but retains its M1 Proprocessor.

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