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McDonald's Big Mac shower gelprobiert: This is the quickest way to get it

McDonald's Big Mac shower gel
Image: McDonald's
(Featured image: © 2022 McDonald's)

McDonald's is currently causing a stir with a special Big Mac shower gel. The company now wants to bring the scent of the Big Mac into the bathroom – how do you get the shower gel and what does it smell like?

In order to reach a large target group, companies resort to increasingly weird marketing tricks. So now McDonalds, which has a "Big Mac shower gel" for loyalty customers on offer. In Austria you can currently get the Big Mac shower gel for 15 Ms in the McDonalds app. Then it can become "Gurkerl No.1". Of course, the shower gel is - as one might suspect - not suitable for consumption.

This is the quickest way to collect Ms

In order to get the shower gel in time, you have to collect Ms as quickly as possible. You need the McDonald's app for this. By the way, you collect the fastest Ms with a purchase of the following Proproducts:

  • 13 Ms: Chicken Cheese Box, Chicken Cheese Box SU
  • 10 Ms: SIGNATURE Steakhouse Menu large
  • 8 Ms: Chicken McNuggets (20 pieces), Big Tasty Bacon menu large.
  • 5 Ms: Chicken Caesar Salad Filet, Chicken Caesar Salad Crispy, Chicken McNuggets (9 pieces), McF1rst Menu Plus
Developer: McDonald's Apps
Price: Free of charge
Price: Free of charge

Don't eat, just smell: This is how the Big Mac shower gel smells

The TechnikNews Editors have been able to secure a copy and the shower gelprobeers. Unfortunately, you don't smell like the car with the Big Mac bag fresh from the McDrive, but more like cucumber - you already know the scent from other shower gels. So not terribly wonderful or suitable for the next date, unless it's at McDonald's - or for a job interview at McDonald's, the must-have. Then you smell good enough to bite.

WTF: The first shower gel ads on Willhaben

A real business: Some are now advertising their Big Mac shower gel on will - from two euros up to a price usury of 20 euros you can strike there.

This article contains no advertising and is not sponsored by McDonalds. The ones mentioned Proproducts were purchased by myself.

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