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Big O: The gaming PC with PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox in one housing

Origin Big O
Image: Originpc
(Post picture: © 2019 Originpc)

"Every Console In One Box" is the title of the YouTuber UnboxTherapy for the "Big O". This combines a gaming PC and all current consoles in one housing. It is also properly equipped. But also the price accordingly.

With so much choice in the console market, finding your favorite console isn't always easy. The question "Gaming PC or console?" also belongs to one of the "First World Proproblems” nowadays. The manufacturer Origin wants to make the decision easier and simply installs all the options in one housing.

Big O: decent equipment, decent price

To be precise, the gaming PC contains a PlayStation 4 Pro, an Xbox One X and a classic Nintendo Switch. The PC comes equipped with an Intel i9-9900K Proprocessor, along with 64 GB of RAM. In addition to a 4 TB SSD, a 14 TB HDD hard drive offers enough storage space for data. In addition, an Nvidia Titan RTX for graphics tasks can be found on the data sheet. There are still USB 3.0 ports on the back for each of the three consoles, as well as an HDMI port that connects to a 4K HDMI switch. But the PC also needs decent power: you can't do without a 1000W power supply unit.

The PlayStation and the Xbox each come with two terabyte SSDs – with water cooling, mind you. The whole thing sounds like exaggerated and overkill for one or the other. Others would now like to buy the whole box right now. Don't worry, you can't buy the all-in-one PC - your wallet will thank you. The sale is not planned. If you add up all the equipment, you could pay more than 10.000 euros for the components alone.

Now the challenge is probably: do handicrafts yourself, if you can't buy it 😉

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