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Black Friday 2022: Best offers, deals and bargains at a glance

Black Friday 2022
(Post picture: © 2022

The most popular shopping event of the year, Black Friday, starts this Friday. Also this year, online shops and manufacturers have some discount campaigns at the start, which are impressive. In this article we summarize the best offers, deals and bargains from the world of technology.

Only one month until Christmas - that means for manufacturers to beat the advertising drum and increase the buying mood. But not all offers are fair, while others are even worse than before. We have compared and researched the prices for you. We have summarized some of the most worthwhile technology deals in this article. Most deals start immediately and end either this weekend or next week.

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This offer article also offers the possibility of simply continuing TechnikNews to secure and our Proproject to support. By completing a purchase via upcoming partner links, we receive a small Provision that is solely in the development of our Proproject flows. We do not enrich ourselves by doing this - we want to offer even better test reports, finance the infrastructure and further expand our team. All our partner shops and links are there in this overview. If there is nothing in the Black Friday Deals, but another purchase is planned, please consider buying via our partner links. Many thanks for your support.

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The best technology offers and technology deals for Black Friday 2022

We mostly only list low-price deals below. These are the deals that have never been as cheap in price comparisons as they were on Black Friday.


Amazon Deals

Anyone who is not yet a Prime customer can sign up at any time opt for a Prime membership. But before that you can still use Prime 30 days for free test. For students the Prime subscription is even available at a reduced price.

  • >> All Amazon Black Friday Deals
  • Amazon Music Unlimited
    • Until January 11, 2023 3 months free. The offer is valid exclusively for new customers.
  • Audible: Interested customers can test Audible for three months free of charge until November 28, 2022, after that it costs 9,95 euros a month.
  • Kindle unlimited: Through November 30, 2022, new Kindle Unlimited subscribers get unlimited access to millions of eBooks, select eMagazines, and thousands of audiobooks for 3 months for a total of $9,99. Then for 9,99 euros per month.

Technology deals


  • Apple & Accessories (AT|DE)
  • Laptop & Accessories (AT|DE)
  • PC Accessories (AT|DE)
  • gaming (AT|DE)
  • Smartphones & Tablets (AT|DE)
  • TV & Audio (AT|DE)
  • Household (AT|DE)
  • smart home (AT|DE)
  • Microsoft (AT|DE)


Google Store UK


Media Markt AT

Media Markt DE

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Notebook cheaper

Saturn DE

signal transmitter hosting


  • Teufel Audio Black Deals on speakers, headphones and more (AT/DE)
  • Also save on shipping costs: Redeem code "VKF-2FJE-UWI".


  • Smart home bargains with up to 70 Procent discount (AT/DE)


>> TechnikNews support and shop through our partner shops <

This overview is still fresh - most of the offers are not yet online at this point in time. We are constantly updating the overview.

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David Wurm

Do that TechnikNews-Ding together with a great team for several years. Works in the background on the server infrastructure and is also responsible for everything editorial. Is fascinated by current technology and likes to blog about everything digital. In his free time, he can often be found developing websites, taking photos or making radio.

David has already written 961 articles and left 382 comments.

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