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Bus Simulator 21 – Official Tram Extension: Let the trams begin!

Bus Simulator 21: Official Tram Extension
Image: Bus Simulator 21 / astragon Entertainment / stillalive studios
(Featured image: © 2023 Bus Simulator 21 / astragon Entertainment / stillalive studios)

Have you always dreamed of sitting in a tram and driving it? Then you will soon be able to do this in the well-known Bus Simulator 21! The new Official Tram Extension will be released soon and we have summarized everything you need to know.

The release of the well-known bus simulator from 2021 was some time ago, and the Next Stop version of the game was released this spring. After the school bus extension was released at the end of August, the Official Tram Extension is now coming soon.

Official Tram Extension: This is what awaits you

In this new expansion you can plan and create your own routes for your trams, which you can then use to travel with purchased trams, which can be found in the tram shop after purchasing and installing the DLC. The modern rides are also equipped with a detailed and interactive cockpit. Setting a switch on the trams is possible using the regular steering buttons (A and D), just like you know from the game on a bus.

In addition to creating and driving tram lines, new missions for the story mode await you on both maps (Angel Shores and Seaside Valley).

More insight: Screenshots from the game

Further announcement: Tram Simulator Urban Transit

The publisher Astragon also announced in its new press release that a new simulator called Tram Simulator Urban Transit will appear, which will deal with tram traffic separately. Owners of the Tram extension or the season pass get this game for free!

The train simulator is expected to be released for the PC at the end of 2023 and for the consoles and Epic Games Store version in spring 2024. More will follow as soon as we know more.

It's coming soon: the release time and price

The expansion of Bus Simulator 21 as the Official Tram Extension will appear on the digital shop pages on the PC and consoles next November 14, 2023 for a price of 19,99 euros.

The new expansion is also included in the season pass - for example, the most recently published school bus expansion can also be found here. This pass is considered a bundle and can be purchased for 24,99 euros.

You can find an overview of some of the games and content in the Bus Simulator division here on the official site.

Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop
Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop
Developer: stilllive studios
Price: 34,99 €
Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Official Tram Extension
Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Official Tram Extension
Developer: stilllive studios
Price: 19,99 €

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