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Crossy Road Castle released for Apple Arcade

Crossy road castle
Picture: TechnikNews (Assembly)
(Post picture: © 2020 TechnikNews (Assembly))

HIPSTER WHALE launched Crossy Road a few years ago veröffentlichtwhat hit like a bomb. Now the developers have released Crossy Road Castle for Apple Arcade.

As the name suggests, the developers have changed the original game concept for Crossy Road Castle a little. And the whole thing no longer takes place on a street, but in a castle. In jump-and-run style you master the individual levels, kill opponents by jumping on their heads and avoid obstacles. The appearance of the individual levels is based on the original title. The course itself always changes slightly and can be followed with different avatars.

Crossy Road Castle Levels

Picture: TechnikNews

What is completely new, however, is that the game can also be mastered with a Bluetooth controller. So it can also be played comfortably on a Mac, an iPad and an Apple TV. A multiplayer mode also saw the light of day. Here you can gamble with other people in the same WLAN network. But I have to be more preciseprobeer

Crossy Road Castle is now over the App Store available on all Apple platforms. An active subscription is required for Apple Arcade.

Crossy Road Castle
Price: Exclusive to Arcade

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