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Dark Mode for YouTube on Android is now available

Image: YouTube
(Post picture: © 2018 YouTube)

Dark mode has been available for the web version and the iOS app from YouTube for a few months. Now Google has enabled the dark surface for Android smartphones as well.

The dark mode for the YouTube app on Android reached the first Android users at the end of August. Yesterday, additional users were given the option to activate the dark design. Google explained the late rollout by saying that dark mode has been intensively tested on Android so far.

This is how you can activate dark mode

Google does not distribute the new dark mode via an update in the Play Store, the option to activate the dark theme will automatically appear in the settings. These can then be found under “Settings” and “General”. If this point is not there yet, it helps to download the latest version from the Play Store and to force the app to exit via the system settings. When the app is opened again, the entire surface should then be dark gray instead of white. Only the channel headers are still colored. Dark mode is supposed to be easy on the eyes and less tugging at the battery on smartphones with AMOLED screens.

This is what the new dark mode looks like (screenshot: TechnikNews, 2018)

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