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Discord down: Unable to retrieve or send messages at this time

Discord logo
Image: Discord
(Post picture: © 2021 Discord)

This Saturday evening Discord Probleme to provide its users with the messages they have sent. It is currently not possible to send messages to your friends or even to servers.

Already in the Past we reported to you about a disruption in one of the largest communication media for gaming called Discord. Now, for the first time, a fault occurs again. When you send text messages to your friends or even to your servers, you currently receive a message in red text that says that the messages have not been sent. You may even get a message that the message could not actually be sent. Messages viewed in the past are still displayed.

Discord down: What can you do now?

Instead of using Discord, you can also switch to alternatives such as TeamSpeak or Skype. Classic telephoning with smaller groups of gamers is also an option here. In addition, the first-mentioned solution is even server-independent and almost always accessible. According to the Discord status page you examine that Proproblem and will publish a corresponding update.

Update at 22:06 pm: The Proproblem seems to be fixed now. Have fun entertaining!

We will keep you up to date.

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