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Exynos with AMD GPU beats Snapdragon: The first benchmark

Samsung Exynos CPU with AMD GPU
Image: Samsung
(Post picture: © 2020 Samsung)

It is already known that Samsung's Exynos chip is inferior to Qualcomm's Snapdragon. Now the tide seems to be turning - honestly, really? We took a closer look at that.

Here for comparison S20Ultra in the AnTuTu Benchmark: The Exynos Processor (990) is 10 Procent slower than the Snapdragon chip (865). In addition, the Exynos Proprocessor throttle itself, otherwise it overheats, which is why the benchmark showed a performance difference of almost 20 after several runs Promake out loud Mrwhosetheboss. He also suggests that the Snapdragon chip is more energy efficient and thus brings almost an hour more runtime.

Well, you could say here, because the average user will not run such a test at the moment, but it's the same smartphone - once equipped with Exynos and another time with Snapdragon, which you pay for here. Shouldn't you then be able to expect the same performance and runtime?

More power: Now the AMD GPU comes into play

The answer to this is Samsung's partnership with AMD, which began in June of last year and has already delivered promising results in the GPU area. This one Benchmark (Exynos GPU with Mali (old) and now AMD vs. Snapdragon with Adreno 650):

  • GFXBench "Manhattan 3.1"
    • Exynos + AMD: 181 fps
    • Snapdragon + Adreno: 123 fps
  • GFXBench "Aztec"
    • Exynos + AMD: Normal: 138 fps; High: 58 fps
    • Snapdragon + Adreno: Normal: 53 FPS; High 20FPS

In the run with "Manhattan 3.1", the AMD GPU beats the Snapdragon by almost 48 Procent. It is amazing that in "Aztec" the AMD GPU dominates over Snapdragon and almost by a factor of three. However, one should keep in mind that these are fairly early tests and may still change. The only question you have to ask yourself here is: When will the good piece get into the Galaxy series? For this we will probably have to wait a year and should see the chip in the Galaxy S21 again.

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