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Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Fold officially revealed

Picture: TechnikNews/Screenshot
(Post picture: © 2019 TechnikNews/Screenshot)

In advance, there were a lot of rumors and assumptions about the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e. Today the smartphones were officially presented to the public. Was everything really known already?

In short: the leaks and rumors were true. All devices look the same as on previously published press photos. In addition, a similarity to older smartphones from Samsung is clearly visible. Glass on the front, glass on the back and a metal frame holding the two pieces together. That's why wireless charging could be on board again, including reverse wireless charging. This year the devices are at 10 Procent thinner, and Samsung still installed a jack plug. In addition, the devices are again available in several different colors. Since availability varies greatly by region, I recommend checking out the Samsung store to see which options are available.

"Infinity O" display

As expected, the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e have an "Infinity O" display. This means that there is a recess for the front camera in the top right of the touchscreen. The S10 Plus even has two of them, which means you can take portrait selfies with this model. With all three new smartphones you get Dynamic AMOLED and a WQD + resolution. Super-AMOLED is no longer available, the new panels should be even brighter and more true-to-color - although Samsung was already a pioneer in this regard.

The Galaxy S10e has the smallest display at 5,8 inches. This is followed by the Galaxy S10 with 6,1 inches and the Plus model with 6,4 inches. But it can be bigger. Later in the year, a fourth version of the S10 will come onto the market with a display with a diagonal of 6,7 inches.

Picture: TechnikNews/Screenshot

The fingerprint sensor sits in the display. This works with ultrasound and may be slower than, for example, in the OnePlus 6T. It may also not work with a screen film attached.

Specifications: Contemporary

The current Exynos 9820 is available in all three smartphones. In addition, there are six gigabytes of RAM in the S10e, eight gigabytes of RAM in the S10 and eight or 10 gigabytes of RAM in the S12 Plus. The main memory sizes range from 128 gigabytes to one terabyte in the plus version. The memory can also be expanded with an SD card.

On top of that there is Android 9 Pie with One UI. A quick word about the capacities of the batteries. The one in the S10e has 3100mAh, the one in the S10 has 3400mAh and the one in the S10 Plus has a whopping 4100mAh. And that, although the hardware at 10 Procent thinner, just to remember it again.

For the first time a triple camera in S devices

This year there is a triple camera in the S-series smartphones for the first time. The first sensor has a 12-megapixel resolution with a variable aperture, the second also has a resolution of 12 megapixels (zoom lens) and the third with 16 megapixels (wide-angle). The latter lens is omitted in the Galaxy S10e.

Galaxy S10 5G: high-end

The Galaxy S10 5G is this year's high-end device and shares the basic features with the other three smartphones. The first difference compared to the rest of the range is the display, which is 6,7 inches. The next one should stand out on the back. Samsung installed four instead of three cameras in the S10 5G. The power pack is powered by a 4.500 milliampere hour battery - the difference number four.

The star of the show: Galaxy Fold

In fact, Samsung also introduced a foldable smartphone, which is simply called the Galaxy Fold. The device has two displays that are 4,6 inches and 7,3 inches. These can be used in two ways: for multitasking and as an extension of apps that are already open. All the fun also needs to be powered up somehow. That's why two batteries were installed. Another special feature is that the extraordinary smartphone has a total of six cameras. Samsung did not provide further details about the software and internal components.

Cost: 2000 euros, available from the beginning of May 2019.

Picture: TechnikNews/Screenshot

Prices and availability

All three new releases can be pre-ordered now. Delivery and sales will start on March 8, 2019. Let's come to the most interesting thing: the prices. Let's start with the cheapest of the three smartphones, the S10e. These cost 749 euros, which is still totally okay. We are one step higher with the Galaxy S10. A maximum of 1149 euros is due for this. At the very top of the mountain, the Galaxy S10 Plus is waiting. To be able to call this your own, you have to take a maximum of 1599 euros in your hand.

The S2019 10G will go on sale in Europe in summer 5. Samsung has not yet revealed prices.

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who needs a 5g model now? srsly?


I don't get really warm with this range ... I think I'll get the Mi 9.


Worse than the notch.