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Galaxy S8: Samsung is already switching advertising on TV
(Post picture: © 2017 Twitter / Steel Drake)

The Galaxy S8 will be officially presented at the end of March. Nevertheless, they are already busy advertising. Probably because of the LG G6: Samsung wants to prevent this top smartphone from dominating the high-end market too much. The sales could therefore be less than previously hoped.

As SamMobile now reports, advertising is already being shown on TV in South Korea. However, this is not intended to publish further information about the S8. This is only intended to draw the audience's attention to the upcoming Galaxy S8. Then the LG G6 does not sell badly: in South Korea there is talk of sales of around 30 units. 000 thousand devices are said to have been pre-ordered on the first weekend. A week ago it was on Twitter S8 leaked - It is not yet known whether this leak is real.

Commercial is supposed to draw the attention of the LG G6 to the S8

According to an anonymous analyst, Samsung wants to prevent the LG G6 from dominating the high-end market too much. This could damage the sales of the upcoming Galaxy S8, which will be released on March 29th. With this spot, however, there is not much to see apart from the possible design and the release date. But there are already some details that are known. So the S8 should with a Voice assistant named Bixbyto Front camera with auto focus and Dual camera received.

On March 29th, Samsung has to go to the critical Note 7 mishaps bring a really top smartphone to the market. Otherwise it could be next to the new one Huawei P10 and the new one LG G6 become difficult. But if you believe the leaks of the last few weeks, Samsung takes the batteryprobut seriously affect the development. A great opportunity for Samsung to improve the image again - we're excited.

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