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Galaxy S9 is supposed to come in January 2018

(Post picture: © 2016

Samsung's flagship S8 only recently presented, and there are already rumors about the successor. The Galaxy S9 is said to come as early as January 2018. The reason for this could be the upcoming iPhone 8.

How The Investor Now reported, the keynote of the S9 and S9 Plus is supposed to take place in January next year. Usually a new flagship is added to the S range about every year. For comparison: that The S8 and S8 Plus were released in March 2017. The release then took place in April, so the release of the S9 could even start in February.

The reason for this could be the iPhone 8

There should be a very simple reason for this step: that upcoming iPhone 8. The successor will be presented in Apple Park on September 12th. The new top smartphone from Apple will be the anniversary model next year. The Korean manufacturer is therefore expecting poorer sales of the S8 after the presentation. The solution to this Proproblem should then be the Galaxy S9.

In order for the plan to work out, the first OLED panels for the S9 should even be shipped in November 2017. After all, display panels are the most important component of a smartphone - without them, a smartphone cannot be assembled in the first place. Thanks to the early dispatch, the plan should really work.

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Florian Schmid

If that's really true, I will absolutely no longer buy a Samsung smartphone.

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