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Galaxy Watch 4: Massesproproduction started

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 cover picture
Picture: TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2021 TechnikNews)

The Galaxy Watch 4 will be the first Samsung smartwatch on the new wear platform. Now the crowdsproproduction started.

So report AllAboutSamsung and the insider "Roland Quandt' agreed by the start of the crowdsproproduction of the models "SM-R880 and SM-R890". These are the "non-LTE" Galaxy Watch 4 models in 42mm and 46mm sizes.

There are no masses of the Galaxy Watch Active 4 yetproproduction start, if this happens relatively soon, then both models will appear at the same time. By starting the crowdsproProduction is now certain that the Smartwatch will start in the next 1-2 months could. This fits in with current rumors that Samsung will hold a launch in July / August.

The Galaxy Buds2 and the new Galaxy Fold generation should also be presented on this. By starting the crowdsproproduction, third parties outside of Samsung will now also have access to information, it is quite possible that we will soon see the first renders and information.

In Galaxy Watch3 we have already tested and we are very excited about the restart with Wear.

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