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HTC deletes apps from Play Store: is there going to be a switch to Android One soon?

Image: © 2018 TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 © 2018 TechnikNews)

At HTC it is currently very quiet. Many are now even assuming that HTC will probably stop the smartphone business. You also have to save money - there are no updates either. A switch to Android One would now be an obvious choice.

A few days ago HTC deleted numerous apps from the Google Play Store. The deleted apps include the HTC Calendar, HTC Sense Launcher, HTC Car, other apps that we don't know very well, and HTC Mail, which, however, quickly returned to the store. Since HTC is still going downhill and that too HTC Exodus will probably not change that, you need a new tactic. Or so it seems.

Bad update policy: is Android One coming?

For many, there is currently no reason to buy an HTC smartphone. You have now recognized this yourself - after all, there are almost no updates. In addition, smartphones now trump HTC devices - and not just in terms of price. Not only is the HTC user interface no longer really updated, the HTC apps are also bored in the store and do not receive any updates either. So there are no new functions or bug fixes. The update to Android 9 Pie is also available for the HTC U11, U11 + and U12 + still off. The update should still take time.

Moving away from your own apps and switching to Google apps?

If you delete your own apps from the store, it doesn't have to be a direct sign of an end - more of a rethink. One could probably rely on Android One in the future, save development costs for updates and make users happier again in the longer term. After all, the HTC Sense UI currently has its weaknesses and annoying errors. The apps could probably be replaced by standard Google apps together with the switch to Android One. No longer your own calendar, but Google Calendar or, in the future, Gmail instead of HTC Mail.

It would do HTC good

It is to be hoped that HTC will go through with this step and switch to Android One. Then the HTC U12 + would definitely be a lot faster. The users would be happy again as well. There would also be another reason to buy an HTC smartphone - this would then be the software. In addition to a lot of anger and resentment, you could also save yourself a lot of costs in developing the software. In the longer term, however, the core business for HTC will be more on VR.

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