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Huawei ban of the USA over: Google is delivering Android again

Huawei Logo
Picture: Huawei
(Post picture: © 2019 Huawei)

Huawei can breathe easy again. As Donald Trump announced via Twitter, the ban on interaction with Huawei will be lifted. Thus, US companies are allowed to supply Huawei again and vice versa.

Pretty positive news for Huawei smartphone users: Android is still available without it Prostated problems. In recent weeks Huawei ran a decent information campaign to answer all the rumors. Many believed in the end of Huawei or that Android would be turned off on the smartphone. It was also feared that Huawei smartphones would no longer receive updates. This all seems to be history now: the Huawei ban has been dissolved for the time being. It was already known last week that Chip manufacturers deliver again - by circumventing the ban.

Huawei ban over: Trump has negotiated deal

US President Donald Trump negotiated a deal with China at the G-20 summit. At the same time, there was also a ceasefire. Specifically, the deal means that the US will rejoin China Promay supply products. In return, China needs more agricultureproproducts from the USA.

This means that Google can deliver Android again - Huawei owners no longer need to be afraid. But only if these “do not impair national security”. However, there has not yet been any other written confirmation other than Twitter.

This guarantees that there will continue to be updates. The PlayStore will also remain on Huawei smartphones - that was not guaranteed until now. Overall, that now means that it was never about security - it was probably more of a power game on the part of Trump. Well, that means for the future: don't make too much dependent on the USA. Huawei will have learned this now and will continue to do so work on your own operating system. Overall, however, the USA was a loser in this suspension.

However, the short-term ban had one advantage: many Huawei smartphones have recently fallen in price. On Amazon there are numerous Huawei smartphones that are already significantly cheaper than before. In general, Huawei also benefits to a certain extent profit: even if it was rather bad attention from the media, you had it.

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