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Huawei: Google bans Google apps on new Huawei smartphones

Huawei P30 Pro test color
Image: © 2019 TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2019 © 2019 TechnikNews)

The conflict between the US government and Huawei has been around for a long time a theme. Now Google has also commented on the whole event for the first time and warns against installing Google apps on unauthorized Huawei devices.

In a statement This morning in the Google Support Forum it was written that Google was no longer allowed to work with Huawei since May 16, 2019. This means that no official Google apps can be offered for Huawei smartphones that have appeared after this date and will not do so either. All other devices that were released before this date may still own the apps and receive updates for them.

Unofficial Google apps on Huawei smartphones are not allowed

Instructions have also been circulating on the Internet for some time on how to get the Google apps onto your Huawei smartphone. Google now has a very clear opinion on these - unofficial Google services are not allowed. In addition, these would not work correctly either:

In addition, sideloaded Google apps will not work reliably because we do not allow these services to run on uncertified devices where security may be compromiserable Sideloading Google's apps also carries a high risk of installing an app that has been altered or tampered with in ways that can compromiserable user security.


That's it protect user data privacy, security, and safeguard the overall experience, the Google Play Store, Google Play Protect, and Google's core apps (including Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and others) are only available on Play Protect certified devices.


As a result, they are considered “uncertified,” and will not be able to utilize Google's apps and services.

Beware of unofficial Google apps

In the end, this means that the Google apps will only be available on approved smartphones. In return, these will not work correctly on unauthorized devices or will not work at all. We can also advise against downloading unofficial Google apps from various sources. Most of these are from unknown developers who may intercept data entered via the Google apps and thus gain access to the Google account. Simply installing the Google apps as APKs won't work anyway, as they only run on certified devices.

The only way out is currently to switch to unaffected devices or smartphones before May 16, 2019. An unaffected smartphone would be about that Huawei P30 Pro, which we also tested. Otherwise there is no reasonable chance of installing the Google apps on current Huawei smartphones. It will probably not be long anyway until Huawei has its own operating system up and running and alternatives for the Google services are found.

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How does it look with the other Chinese smartphone manufacturers? Can they still use Google Apps?


Hi David,
First of all thanks for the quick feedback. Almost all smartphones come from China, I can only think of Apple and Escobar Inc., which do not have smartphones in China proinduce. Will you then be forced to use one of these devices due to the lack of Google services.
LG Uwe