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Huawei cheated: Alleged photo of P40 Pro taken with DSLR camera

Huawei P40 Pro picture cheated
The ProHuawei's movideo in a photo competition for the P40 Pro. (Image: Huawei via Weibo)
(Post picture: © 2020 Huawei via Weibo))

Huawei cheated on a photo for a photo contest. The alleged image, which is of a P40 Pro was supposed to come with a Proficamera recorded. However, this was not the first time that the Chinese manufacturer had been caught.

Well - sometimes it is better for manufacturers to advertise the smartphone as better than it really is. As 9to5Google citing the South China Morning Post reported, Huawei has submitted its P40 for a photo competition Pro make it look too good. The photographer was simply allowed to take the picture with a Nikon D850 camera, which one, however Proficamera is and costs several thousand euros.

Huawei takes photo from photography platform for competition

Huawei P40 Pro picture cheated

The ProHuawei's movideo in a photo competition for the P40 Pro. (Image: Huawei via Weibo)

In this Promovideo, the Chinese manufacturer advertises some images that are said to have been used with the Huawei P40 Pro have been shot. However, the two pictures above were not actually taken with the smartphone. Instead, you just have the photo "LIKE A DIAMOND" from 500px taken for this and it as an image of the P40 Pro sold.

Huawei is surprised and claims that the picture is from the platform Huawei NEXT IMAGE Awards 2020 been taken. The picture has now been removed and it is an accident. Not a good move. Our (not cheated) test report on the P40 Pro will be available here shortly TechnikNews.

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