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Huawei in the crisis: In the future, probably no longer access to Google services (updated)

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Test
Image: © 2018 TechnikNews
(Post picture: © 2018 © 2018 TechnikNews)

Last week, the US government blacklisted Huawei. This means that no US company is allowed to cooperate with Huawei anymore. With this regulation it will now also be possible Progive bleme with google. These too are no longer allowed to work with the Chinese.

Google is behind the Play Services, and generally behind the entire Android operating system. These have their headquarters in the USA - where there is currently a trade war with China. President Trump has now ordered a blacklist for Chinese companies - including Huawei. The USA has been boring against the Chinese company for a long time, for example with the 5G expansion. Generally one throws the claim into the room that the Chinese government is eavesdropping on the data from their devices. So far, both arguments for and against have not been confirmed.

Huawei no longer has access to Google services

According to a report by 9to5Googlewhich is based on Reuters appointed, Huawei should no longer have access to Google services with immediate effect. This applies to all Google apps, as well as Android updates and other Google services. In general, the Android operating system itself is no longer available for the Chinese company. This ban applies worldwide, as it takes effect directly in the USA. This means that there will probably no longer be a Play Store on future smartphones from the company outside of China, and apps such as Gmail, Chrome or other services will no longer be available.

Alphabet Inc's Google has suspended business that requires the transfer of hardware and software products except those covered by open source licenses [...] and will immediately lose access to updates to the Android operating system, and the next version of its smartphones outside of China will also lose access to popular applications and services including the Google Play Store and Gmail app.

Huawei will continue to have access to the version of the Android operating system available through the open source license that is open to anyone who wishes to use it. But Google wants to stop proproviding any technical support and collaboration for Android and Google services to Huawei going forward, the source said.

According to this quote, it will probably still be possible for Huawei to use Android - due to the open source license. However, there will no longer be any support from Google that could prove fatal to Huawei. So far, the two companies have worked closely together on Android.

It is precisely for these cases that Huawei has been working on its own operating system for a long time. This "emergency operating system" should probably only be used in an extreme emergency, now it could really be that far. Or you can find a solution with Google. It won't be easy for Huawei, that's for sure. Also with the Android Q Beta, where Huawei is part of it, it will Progive problems.

Update: Notebook range also affected

It is now known that Qualcomm and Intel will no longer support Huawei in the future, like The Verge reported. As a result, the manufacturer's notebook range is now also affected. The company from China uses chips from Intel and modems from Qualcomm for this. A German company called Infineon Technologies, which is connected to Huawei, will no longer supply the manufacturer because in these Processor memory chips are installed by US companies.

Update: Honor 20 (Pro) will be presented as planned

There were also brief doubts as to whether Honor would do it tomorrow as planned Honor 20 and the Honor 20 Pro will introduce. As it now turns out, the event will take place in London as planned.

We will update this article as soon as there is news on the topic.

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