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Instagram Malfunction: Android & iOS app crashes and crashes

Instagram App
(Post picture: © 2018

Besides Twitter on Thursday afternoon Instagram now has a problem too. The app crashes unexpectedly during use or right after launch. Can you do that? Profix problem?

There are always disruptions on social media platforms. Now it concerns Instagram. Instagram is not down, but the app is struggling with crashes. The Instagram app will not start or will quit unexpectedly. Numerous users on Downdetector and Twitter confirm one Proproblem with the app.

Update on July 15.07, 12:39 p.m.: Some readers report that with our tips they Procould solve the problem. These can be found below. 

Instagram Disruption: Is There a Solution?

So what to try when Instagram crashes?

  • Android and iOS: Download the latest update from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. We have the download links for you below.
  • Android: The cache of an app can be cleared here: "Settings -> Apps -> Instagram -> Storage -> Clear cache"
  • Android and iOS: There is an option to completely exit the Instagram app. On Android, go to "Settings -> Apps -> Instagram -> Force quit" or press and hold the Instagram app icon in the app menu, select "App info" and then exit the app. Unlike Android, the only way to exit iOS is to swipe up, hold and swipe out the app.
  • Android and iOS: As a last resort, you can try restarting the smartphone.

If the tips don't help, it's really down to one person - as already mentioned above Problem directly to Instagram. Temporarily you can also download the web version at use.

Instagram app downloads

Instagram for iOS

Developer: Instagram Inc.
Price: Free of charge+

Instagram for Android

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free of charge

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have everything prostill doesn't work.. not the app on my cell phone (Android). It works normally on a laptop. Don't get it 🙁


Hello, maybe you can help me.. I recorded so many wonderful stories via Insta while on vacation and only saved them in the drafts. the following ProI've had a problem since the update on Saturday: when I click on the story drafts, it shows me the thumbnails, but when I then click on an individual video, it shows me a black image and as soon as I post/save one wants, the app crashes completely.. I have also followed all the steps.. what can I do to save the drafts? They were super important to me 😭 please help me, the drafts are only available for 3 days...


Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I tried that several times, but without success... as soon as I try to download a draft, it crashes... be it posting or saving 😔


empty cash. Instagram stopped. And it worked again. Thanks for the tips ☺️


hello everyone I have the following Proproblem: I have several Instagram accounts, one of which is from our company, we took it over from the predecessors. I logged in once and saw all accounts. But now one thing is gone from the company. I don't see it anymore... The person who was responsible for it beforehand (and was probably still somehow connected) also no longer has access to their Facebook account.... everything gone. Assume this is related and more likely a hacker Proproblem than the current Insta disturbance?


The ones who have an instalink in via Facebook Profil can open this. However, you can only get there on your own Profil and story's posts can no longer access the main pages. Protry this out. 🤗


Clearing the cache helped me. Thanks


Thanks for the information. Then I don't have to turn my phone upside down. The disruption was only with the stories, I haven't been able to access the platform for half an hour. I hope the bug will be fixed quickly.