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Instagram down: platform currently not available worldwide

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After the network is already last May Was not available for some time, the next disturbance is now plaguing the network. The app has not been updated or the website has been accessed since that evening. Instagram currently seems to be down: This is confirmed by users from all over the world.

Article posted at 18:20 pm: Since the photo platform Instagram is currently becoming more and more popular and even by the number of users Snapchat catching up, there are of course sometimes disruptions. Instagram has been down since around 18 p.m.: the feed can no longer be updated, and messages or posts can not be posted either. However, this disruption does not only seem to affect the app only.

Instagram down: 5xx server error

You currently get this error message when you visit the Instagram website. On the website report the users here as well Proproblem with the network. In addition, will also be diligent on twitter tweeted about the disruption. A solution for that Proproblem does not exist yet. We recommend not logging out of the app and pointlessly restarting your smartphone. If there are any updates, we will update the article here.

Our followers on Twitter shine too Proto have problems:

Instagram down: Current updates

Update at 18:39 pm: Currently there are none Problem more.

Update at 19:18 pm: Less than an hour later, the service still seems to be working properly. The fault appears to have been resolved.

Update at 19:37 pm: Happy too early. Currently you can find the message "Sorry, something went wrong" when you visit the website. The app doesn't seem to update either.

Update at 20:12 pm: The reports of malfunctions seem to be increasing again.

Update at 20:27 pm: There are still a few at the moment Prostated problems.

Update at 21:34 pm: Now the problem seems to have been resolved for good.

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