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Instagram down: Popular social media app currently having a problem

Instagram iPhone
(Post picture: © 2017

It's not up to you - Instagram is down at the moment. The popular social media network is currently struggling with disruptions. No comments are loaded, also the feed and reels do not load.

There are always failures in larger services, Instagram is now unavailable on Sunday night. Lots of content failed to load, loads slowly, or doesn't display correctly. Unfortunately, restarting the smartphone or logging out does not help either. It's best to wait and stay logged in.

A lot of users may also see the "Could not load feed" error. It's because of that Proproblem affecting the servers of Meta, the company behind Instagram. Numerous users on Downdetector and X (formerly Twitter) confirm a Proproblem with the app.

Instagram feed could not be reloaded

Picture: TechnikNews/Screenshot

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